Summer gear review

This short review presents some gear (spinning, reel and turntables) that have already been tested in the field, so to speak.

Summer gear is constantly being upgraded and it has often been difficult to choose something in recent years. This short review presents some gear that has already been tested in the field, so to speak. In addition, we can say that the spinning and reel, which will be discussed, are budget gear, which is important for many Russian fishermen. This article gives some basic characteristics of spinning and reels. The Stinger-Copter pinwheel is presented in the review as one of the latest Eco Fish products and has not yet been tested on its own experience.


Coil Surf Master Tirata FT 3500
Spinning Chokai Series Maguro Super Contact
Pinwheel Stinger-Copter

Coil Surf Master Tirata FT 3500

New from Surf Master. This is a Tirata FT 3500 coil of original design, with the use of new design ideas in technical solutions, which increased the durability of the coil and the special softness of travel. A more powerful power unit is made of hard-alloy aluminum and bronze. The method of precision landing in the body of the assembly unit of the mechanism of the coil is applied. The total weight of the coil is significantly reduced due to the lightweight rotor of the spool and the housing. The coil is distinguished by a reinforced hollow arc. Carbide aluminum was used to make the handle. The presence of an additional ball bearing in the friction clutch gave the mechanism smooth operation and accuracy.

The 7 ball bearings and 1 roller installed in the reel make the movement of the mechanism soft and reliable, preventing laps and loops on the fishing line.

Gear ratio formula: 5.1: 1

The coil weighs 279 g.

Spinning Chokai Series Maguro Super Contact

I remember that last September I had to get nimble autumn pikes from under a rather high cliff, lifting them up in weight. Podsachek simply did not reach the water. Thanks to a strong and flexible form and a good braid, such risky climbs ended successfully. Not a single pike descended. The Chokai Series Maguro Super Contact 3175 IM12 (7-28) rod held the blow with dignity.

This spinning fast system (Fast) with a length of 2.75 meters is able to make long aiming casts to the desired point, which is achieved by the quality of a balanced form. In addition, spinning successfully copes with extreme loads when it is necessary, roughly speaking, to “tear” a fish through the reeds and overgrowths of egg-pods. Moreover, he is not afraid of trophy pikes and zander, which can be displayed without fear for spinning. The ring alignment technology - New Guide System has allowed the introduction of the most optimal ring alignment, in which the load on the rod is distributed evenly and at the same time, accurate and high spinning sensitivity is maintained during the lure, including lightweight and miniature ones. Mounted on the rod rings and reel seat - Fuji .

Designed for angling, where the Surf Master Chokai spinning rod is most successful in jigging, twitching, with a retractable leash and with Texas equipment, it nevertheless successfully copes with the role of a fishing rod for trolling, which initially gives Fast formation, and is also complemented by good qualities, embedded in your product by the company.

This rod from the Chokai series has a test of 7-28 grams and weighs 220 grams . The length of the spinning bin folded for transportation is 140 cm.

Pinwheel Stinger-Copter

Another interesting development is offered by the company Eco Fish. This is a Stinger-Copter pinwheel, which has an additional element in the form of a propeller, which creates bright and powerful vibrations in the multi-frequency spectrum. It is clear that these vibrations-vibrations have the ability to penetrate into the water column over long distances and, therefore, attract the predator also from afar.

The pinwheel has a special shape of the petal, as well as the core, which causes a very stable and attractive to the predator rotation. Moreover, the stability of the bait is almost not affected by the rapid flow. Equally well, it passes by slow wiring and in the still water of the shallow waters of a lake or reservoir.

This bait is intended primarily for catching ide, chub, perch. But it is quite successfully used for salmon breeds, in particular, for trout fishing.

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