How I began to catch spinning

I got to the right place and time, which is not often. Pike came across on almost every cast.

Spinning became interesting and important for me after one incident.

In August, I lived on the Volga island, called either Sokolin, or the mountain there under that name, I definitely can’t say. Everyone speaks differently, even locals. He lived here for three days, leaving and again returning to the island. Just vacation arrived in time. I didn’t catch a predator, although there were episodes of torch fishing, but this is so, between things. The main occupation was to get up in the morning at the beacon on cobblestone anchors, unwind the heavy “rings” and wait for the bream or ide to bite. Sometimes a large bream went very well at that time. It was then that the most seasoned bream in my life was caught: for three kilograms four hundred grams. Here it happened later in the evening, almost at night, often weighty catfish grabbed onto the worms. On the island I had a smokehouse built, simple, nowhere simpler. Since this place is the former village of Korotni, now separated by the strait after flooding by the waters of the Cheboksary reservoir, the island was full of all kinds of iron and other items of devastated housing. Finding a piece of metal pipe in the ravine, I put it on a hill and dug a short trench under the pipe, which I covered with sheets of iron, also found on the island. And on top of the iron sheets also laid layers of turf. At the beginning of the trench, he made a furnace of bricks. In it, I made a bonfire, and then threw dry and moist willow, alder and branches of apple trees into the fire, which were also on the island. He began smoking according to the recommendations in the magazines, and intended to make cold-smoked fish. I did not sleep because of this night, but in the morning I found only a product that was barely covered with yellowness and did not at all look like cold smoked fish. Waving his hand at everything, he went on the oars to the beacon, and left the fish in the pipe. Returning to shore in the evening, he found hot smoked fish in the smokehouse. A red-hot pipe in the sun completed all the work for me and gave out a wonderful product automatically. The cubs and breams oozed fat and smelled like that ... Immediately, right from the wire baking sheets, made hastily here, I ate this wonderful fish and washed down with cold tea from the pot. And it seems that it never tasted better ... Then, sometimes, on the smell of smoked meats spreading all over the Volga, motorboats from Kozmodemyansk came to me, they used to have a beer, and the guys said that they themselves live on the Volga, and such fish for the first time are eating…

But back to the spinning. Always on these trips to the island I had with me a simple one-handed spinning with an inertial reel. Attempts to catch pike on our city Kokshaga were not entirely successful. Only one pike caught. I decided to check the spinning on the Volga precisely on this August trip.

After days of successful bream fishing, the hot sun and disturbing night breezes with the sound of the surf, I wanted to go home. But this time, I decided to make several test casts at the outlet of the duct. This channel, along which I usually went deep into the island by boat, was like an old woman, overgrown with water lilies on the banks. Here, in the evenings, large solitary bream accumulated, fleeing the Volga waves, here I sometimes put flyer-neckers, catching ruddfishes on the maggot and gaining hooks for the vents. One or two pike, it happened, took off after returning from fishing at the beacon.

Leaving the island by boat, I stopped at the exit from this duct. Just on a grassy dump in the depths anchored. Here, on the island, there was a channel with a depth of up to ten meters. I crossed it with casts. He threw a white hesitant Neman store litter, covered on one side with a notch that mimics the eye and scales of a fish. At the first casting, the fishing line stopped, sinking tightly and hooking something at the bottom. So it seemed to me. Here, in the bay, which is called Lake Akhmylovsky by the name of the lake that was actually here, rafts of rafting forest formed. And the logs at the bottom were visible and invisible. Here, I think, immediately and the hook. And only a couple of pieces are available. One is no longer considered ... At least that is why for some reason I decided out of inexperience. But the "hook" suddenly came to life and went somewhere to the side and in depth. Uh, this is a predator! .. Do not explain and convey an enthusiastic feeling when a strong fish sits on a snag and walks elastically in the depths, throwing itself violently in the grass, throwing itself under the boat. Especially when this happens for the first time, at the beginning of the development of spinning. And finally, the fish surrendered. Wrapped in a net by a net, the pike found itself in a boat and on a kukan from a piano bass string. And already on the next cast, a grip followed again, and on the kukan the same average pike splashed weighing about two and a half kilograms.

Pike came across almost on every cast, and it cost me a lot of work to break away from this primitive prey of greedy and stupid pikes. I apparently then got to the right place and time, which happens not often. The pike was fat and grabbed any bait. From this episode my hobby for spinning began. True, I did not become a highly professional spinning player, because I love the most diverse fishing.