Catfish, how and what catfish are caught for. Interesting and popular fishing methods in different seasons. Simple gear and the best bait for catfish.

Catfish catching has its own peculiarities associated with changes in weather conditions and seasons of the year. Being, like burbot, a night predator, catfish, meanwhile, comes across tackle in the daytime. In autumn and spring, the capture of this predator happens even more often during the day, because quiet warm weather amidst icy winds and a lead sky is a present for all living things. And predators go to fatten for frolicing and sunbathing fish trifle.

Catfish spinning

The most athletic is, of course, spinning gear. Only here everything is “grown-up” .

A monofilament fishing line with a diameter of 0.2 mm will no longer pass; the thickest braid is required .

The coil needs a power and better multiplier for sea fishing.

The rod should also be strong and with a dough of at least 30 g, since the lures used can weigh more than 30 g.

Heavy oscillating spinners are selected according to the characteristics for bottom stepped wiring, where besides the pauses on the reel, reels of the bait along the bottom are used. Therefore, the spinner should be relatively narrow and massive. But a heavy jig with a nozzle of large silicone edible rubber baits works best. Instead of jig heads, it is better to use "eared" sinkers. Autumn posting when fishing for predators is usually more accelerated than in summer, but in catfish fishing you need to choose a slightly slower pace when compared with pike postings. Sometimes success comes with the use of a jig with a nozzle of a dead fish.

Bottom gear

But bottom gear outperforms spinning in performance. It is on powerful donks that most of the large catfish come across. Moreover, the tackle can be the most primitive, from snacks thrown from the shore to the simplest "supplies" with buoys, which are usually installed from a boat.

Both tackles consist of a large diameter monofilament fishing line, a heavy sinker and a metal leash above it. Hooks are used the largest size, better forged. The installation site of the “delivery” is marked with a foam buoy or simply an empty plastic bottle. It is necessary that the main fishing line on this fixed gear was with a margin. Excess fishing line will choose the course. A reserve is required so that the catfish does not drag tackle into a deep hole without a trace.

Often, powerful carp fishing rods with power reels are used as bottom gear, and without changing the Rod-pod type stand itself, as well as leaving electronic signaling devices in the kit of carp gear. They are suitable for catching catfish. Bottom snap-in can be as simple as on zakidushki and “supplies”, but there are also more complicated snap-ins, where a small float is placed in front of the hook. Its role in the suspension of bait at the bottom, as sometimes worms or bait fish mounted on a hook burrow into the silt. Also, this float is a bit of a bait, because it moves under the pressure of the current and attracts a predator to the bait.

Catching catfish

Quack fishing is also popular with anglers, because quack is a way to attract fish to bait, only here with the help of a sound background that creates a quack when the cup hits the water. These frequencies, which attract catfish, depend on the desired angle of the quok cup relative to water and the correct choice of material in the manufacture of quok. Usually it is a solid, dry tree, more often an apple tree. We wrote more in detail about catching catfish on quokas here.

Catfish on the rivers

On a large river, it makes no sense to try to catch catfish from the shore, except perhaps under a steep cliff, where the depth immediately starts from three to five meters. But usually catfish pits are located near the fairway, which can only be approached by boat.

On small rivers where there is catfish, it is quite possible to ditch a pit with a spinning rod and a donkey using a carp rod. Signs of a catfish pit on a small river are trees lying in the water, marshes at the bottom, a depth of four to five meters. The fact that catfish is in this pit can be seen on a warm moonlit night, when this bottom predator often comes to the surface. Its presence can be determined by the breakers on the water, the slaps of the soft tail and by the powerful back, like a mudflake rising from the depths to the surface of the river.

Catfish bait

As a bait for catfish, bunches of creeping worms, bait fish, dead fish, chicken offal, frogs are used, for large fish - carcasses of birds scorched by fire, slightly rotten. Although catfish often attacks live prey, it will not refuse carrion, and in some cases it gravitates to it.

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