Where and what to catch ram in winter

The best periods and places of fishing. What is the most favorable and prey time for catching ram in the winter. Tackle, bait and bait for ramming in the winter.

In winter, catching rams occurs with periods of active biting and a decrease in activity, as is the case with roach fishing. But the pre-spawning period can be called the most fertile and prey time for fishing this fish. Like roaches, battering rams spawn along small rivers in the upper reaches. But only the ram, being the inhabitant of more southern reservoirs, begins to prepare for spawning and to fatten before roaches - somewhere in the February and March thaws.

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  • What is the difference between ram and roach
  • Ram feature
  • The best periods and places of fishing
  • Nozzles and bait
  • Ram bait
  • Winter fishing gear

What is the difference between ram and roach

The ram is essentially the same roach, but the habits and living conditions of these closely related fish are different. If the roach is considered a settled or residential species of fish, then the ram is called a passing species. After the schools of this fish rise to the upper reaches of the rivers and mark eggs, the next stage will be the return to the native waters of the coastal strip of the sea, in the estuary of the river, where the water is not as salty as in the open sea.

The size and fat content of these fish are also different. Ram is larger and fatter. This is due to the diet, which in the summer of roaches is truly vegetarian. She eagerly eats vegetation, in particular, mulberry, and is literally stuffed with gills with greenery. Ram is not averse to grab a bivalve mollusk or crustacean. Therefore, this fish reaches one and a half kilograms in the weight category and has delicious fatty meat. Most often, ram goes to a lethargic.

Ram feature

Another feature that is very important for fishermen is the flocking and greed of this fish during activity, when the ram forms large flocks, which is the reason for the interest of fishermen, since there are bites in such places where this fish accumulates, which is called a machine gun ... Most often such places are rather shallow bays, as well as places near the mouth of the river, along which the ram will soon rise to spawn. Moreover, in contrast to roach, ram is often actively caught in the surface layers of water, which is very similar to spring bleak.

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Periods and places of ramming in winter

Morning dawn and evening are the most suitable periods for ramming, although sometimes this fish is caught recklessly all day, preferably gray, without sun. Ram roach takes on such days with some weakening and increased activity. In addition to estuarine sections of rivers, flocks of these fish are most often found in muddy estuaries, rich in various shells and crustaceans, especially near reed beds, even if the place is shallow. But even in deep holes, on their brow, an excellent ram comes across, and in such places up to ten meters deep, the ram gathers in packs closer to spring.

Nozzles and bait for ram

Like roach, which, although not everywhere, is caught from ice on dough, semolina and bread, ram also pecks from ice on bread nozzles and various boiled cereals. Dough for ram fishing is usually painted in pink and red. For this, food coloring is used. But the most popular of the bait can be called traditional bloodworm. Also, this fish will not refuse maggots and worms. And maggots use stained. The color is also pink-red. A running nozzle is also a semolina chatterbox, which competes in some cases with bread crumb. Boiled barley in some cases, and especially in the pre-spawning period, is also a productive nozzle.

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Ram bait

For fishing, baits for cold water are used for ramming. Usually these are ready-made baits that are used in roach fishing. Anglers often use home-made bait, which includes salapino porridge, breadcrumbs or just a little toasted and ground homemade breadcrumbs, makukh or sunflower seeds. For fishing in the surface water horizons, it is sometimes enough to pour semolina into the hole in the form of cereals or corn grits. Used and food that goes to food aquarium fish. Such additives form a food column far visible in water, attracting ram.

Winter fishing gear

Ram is caught on ordinary winter fishing rods with a classic nod or with a nod extending to the side and balancing on a sensitive mount. Mormyshki are used the same as for roach fishing, that is, light, preferably silver . Usually these are the simplest “pellets” and “urals”. In the course and various clumsy, in particular, "goats" and "nails". The game of unwind mormyshek is leisurely and smooth, with sinking to the bottom.

A float fishing rod arranged on the principle of a summer “float” is widely used, where the difference is only in the fishing rod, since a winter fishing rod is used for fishing from ice. A pop-up float is rarely used and only during unexpected frosts.