Vetluga at Yurkino

A fishing place on the Vetluga River (a tributary of the Volga) in the village of Yurkino, Mari El Republic. Bream and pike, catching catfish for donks, and almost all river fish.

Success in fishing, in addition to luck and experience, often depends on the correct choice of a fishing place. Sometimes such a catchy place can be located very close to a city or another village, and you often have to get to a different place for fishing and recreation for a long time and on a bad road. But this never stopped the real fisherman in search of fishing happiness.

The village of Yurkino on Vetlug

Despite the proximity of the village, fishing spots on the Vetluga River in the Mari El Republic have long been famous for their breams and pikes, as well as for catching catfish on the Donks. In addition, almost all river fish live in the Vetluga River, since the river is a tributary of the Volga.

Previously, not far from the village of Yurkina was a village of the same name. It was located in a large clearing adjacent to the Vetluga River. Here was the mouth of the river Sukhodol. Then, one of the villagers decided to retire and built away from the village, and there other residents of the village began to be built next to a lone farm, at first. So gradually in this new place the village grew, which later became the village of Yurkino. And in the place of the subsequently abandoned village, a large wasteland remained. A long sandy-clay precipice stretches under this wasteland, which became known among fishermen as Suhodol by the name of the river that used to be here. Many people confuse this place with the village of Sukhodol, which is located much further in the Yurinsky district of the Mari El Republic, already quite close to the Nizhny Novgorod region. Of course, Sukhodol on the Vetluga River is an unofficial name, but most anglers know these places. In winter and summer, city fishermen from Yoshkar-Ola try to get here.

What kind of fish is caught here

Here, under a long cliff, in the winter they catch sop, bream, pikeperch, bersh and other fish. In summer, they seek here for a large bream, which reaches a weight of more than two kilograms and is best taken in the middle of summer, in July, often in the heat.

A separate place is occupied by catfish fishing. There are a lot of catfish in clumsy holes under cliffs above the village of Yurkino. Someone got used to catching him with ordinary donks, and real professionals hunt catfish with a quack. It is with this sound bait that the predator comes out and grabs the proposed spinner or bait that the largest specimens come across. Often in the morning or evening silence one can hear here the characteristic “barking” sounds of a quok. Donkeys and feeders often come across small catfish weighing up to 3 kilograms. And such a capture of predators happens during the usual fishing of sopas and bream. In the bays and in the flooding zone of the Volga and Vetlugi, the pike is good at picking baits and girders.

How to get there

They get from Yoshkar-Ola to the village of Yurkino along the Kozmodemyansky tract to the village of Ozerki, which is 114 km away, then turn onto the road to Yurino. The village of Yurkino is located 137 km from Yoshkar-Ola.

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