The best silicone for zander

The best silicone bait for pike perch in the autumn. Tips for choosing lures. A brief overview of a small number of catchy lures, of which there are a great many.

In autumn, the most effective baits are considered to be various twisters, vibro-tails, worms, foam fish, that is, soft baits that are usually mounted on jig heads, flexible rigs with “eared” sinkers or, as they are also called, “cheburashki”, in the form of "Texas" equipment, where the sinker is made in the form of a bullet, on offset hooks. But the main thing is the silicone bait itself, which is usually driven by step wiring. The effectiveness of fishing for zander directly depends on the quality, appearance and color of the soft bait. So, what are the best silicone fang fishing lures?

lucky John Tioga

This lucky John Tioga lure among spinning people is often called the "death of a zander" for its killer subtlety and reliability. The most effective colors for this bait are purple, if figuratively, the color of engine oil, and in muddy water and in the evening acid colors are better, for example, lemon and bright orange. The running dimensions for zander and pike are 3.9 inches.

Keitech swing impact

Among the well-known "killers of zander" include this bait. And its original is included in a number of rather expensive tricks for zander. Therefore, resourceful anglers found a worthy replacement for Keitech Swing Impact, successfully using copies - Select Fetish, Lucky John Spark. If this bait in the original version costs 300 rubles, then the cost of copies is 2 times less. The size of the bait for zander is 4 ″ (″ - inches). Since the bait is very soft, the predator swallows it reliably, entirely.

Keitech easy shiner

The next Keitech Easy Shiner vibrotail is considered even more catchy than the Keitech Swing Impact. It is also successful with pros who use both originals and copies efficiently, and this is Akkoi Prime. The bait is distinguished by an actively playing heel and a fleshy body.

Akkoi Prime

This vibrotail is considered a catchy copy of the Easy Shiner bait. In addition, this vibrotail is called a real “bomb” for its lethal performance. At the same time, the bait is not expensive. This vibro-tail differs in a slightly stiffer body than the Easy Shiner, but it is better held on the hook.

Sawamura One'up Shad

Among the so-called slaughter baits is this vibrotail, actively playing and having a fleshy body. In the line of these lures there are many colors and various sizes. If you use large baits, for example, 7 ″, then capture of trophy pike perch, large pike and catfish is possible.

Fox Rage Zander Pro Shad

The name itself speaks of a narrow orientation of the bait to catch zander. The line has many colors in natural shades. In addition, the bait has a natural look, which affects its performance for the better. Large vibro-tails up to 14 cm in size successfully catch captured fish.

Lunker city shaker

It is also a vibrotail for trophy zander and other predators. The size range of this bait is 8-21 ″. Therefore, besides pikeperch and pike, a large vibro-tail of the Lunker City Shaker bites catfish are not uncommon.