Crucian carp in spring

We catch powerful Volga silver crucian carp on the feeder. Which feeders to choose. What bait and bait to use.

According to the criteria that have long been established, crucian carp does not differ, it would seem, by a special agility. It is generally accepted that this fish is sleepy, lazy, thermophilic and preferring silty quiet waters. This classic look of crucian carp really corresponds to the appearance of wide crucian carp, having a gold or copper color, who live in quiet ponds, where there is a lot of aquatic vegetation. Moreover, this definition also applies to the Volga crucian carp ... "How? - you say. - Where on the Volga can such wide and awkward lumps live? There is a flow! ” Unfortunately, the Volga is now not the same, if we talk about the left-bank shallow-water part of the Cheboksary reservoir. There, in places, water is filled with the same vegetation and silt has already formed among snags and trees lying at the bottom. In the picture you can see such Volga quiet crucian carp. They, if they differ from pond copper crucian carp, are only a more powerful body and a slightly different coloring. They live in the same conditions.

The real Volga crucian adapted to the flow and colder water, became no less strong and swift than other inhabitants of the Volga waters. In the lower Volga it is called "buffalo". There, these "buffalo" destroy gear no worse, if not better, than carp, at least on a par with them. In the middle lane, in particular in the tributaries of the Volga - Big and Small Kokshaga, these powerful silver beauties also live. At one time, fishermen living in the middle reaches of Malaya Kokshagi knew little about them, but then from year to year these crucian carp began to appear even at the dam of the city of Yoshkar-Ola, coming in large schools in the spring and partially remaining in local reservoirs. Now fishing is waiting for this holiday with great impatience, although the friendly course of crucian carp is sometimes delayed due to weather conditions or other reasons, in particular because of the large water.

There are, of course, slow-moving silver crucians that live near copper gold brethren or entirely inhabit the ponds, but they are inferior to the buffalo in size and power.

A feeder is most suitable for catching powerful Volga silver crucian carp.

Varieties of this equipment allow you to catch "buffalo" crucians both in a strong current, when the fish moves in the stream itself, and in places with a moderate or reverse course. The heavy class feeder is used for jet fishing, and in some places even the most powerful extra-heavy fishing rods are used. At the same time, the middle class feeder, the medium, should always be in stock. Most often they catch carp in the spring with these rods. They are usually used on the border of a strong jet and middle current, as well as in places with a reverse flow, which, by the way, can be no less strong in spring. There are universal rods with the test 60-90-120. They help combine gear and interchangeable tops. It is enough to change the tip to a stiffer quivertype, as the characteristics of the rod will change. The length of the average rod is usually within 3.9 meters.


The weight of the feeders ranges from 50-120 grams. Heavy feeders can weigh even more. You should always have a stock of different feeders with you. Typically, in spring, rectangular and triangular feeding troughs — cages — are more in demand. They are better kept at the bottom. It is better to wind a braided cord on the reel, which cuts water well, without forming an arc in the water, like a monofilament fishing line. But when using a cord that has no extensibility, there can be sharp jerks when casting. Therefore, it is better to put a rubber shock absorber in front of the feeder - a feeder. Hooks also need to be taken seriously. These can be famous Kamasan with marking B532, B651.

Bait and bait

As bait, expensive Sensas can be used, but also the mixtures from Dunaev are quite working. If the name of the bait has the word BIG, then it is for large fish.

Filler can serve as a regular and effective salapino porridge, and branded fillers like Mondial-f

Various dips are widely used, for example, Aromix Chocolate or dips smelling like a worm, which, it would seem, is surprising. But the smell of deepa is more stable than a living worm.

The most common bait for crucian carp at this time are the worm and maggot, although replanting and bloodworms are possible.