Ice reports

Judging by the reports from the fields, it is clear, in this case from the ice fields, the first ice is opened by the most active fish in this period - perches and pikes. Where and who is already caught from the ice.

The ice season has already been opened in our area, although judging by the shots, the ice is still thin. But the snowless and almost calm weather helped to establish smooth and durable ice. Despite the dangerous thickness of not more than 4 centimeters, such ice is usually stronger than seven centimeters, but under the snow and becoming during a strong ripple and wave. But still it’s better not to risk it.

Judging by the photographs taken on November 11, on the city reservoir in the Shiryaykovo microdistrict, where I usually open the ice season for pike, the ice will rise in the coming days. It can already be seen that the wide stretch is covered with thin ice, which holds a person in the backwaters and bays.

In Yurino, the Volga riverbed, ice formation was still at the very beginning. There, on the channel of the Volga, perhaps only by next week, relatively safe ice will be established.

In the Gornyak region, in the Sernursky district, perch is caught almost in the middle of the pond. True, they are clearly at risk. They write that the ice bends and pops. The main thing on such ice is not to walk in a crowd and not to run. And this often happens when the fishermen cheerfully mark the first ice and everyone wants to get together and talk.

On Lake Shchuchye, which is located in the pine forests of the Volga side, the ice has risen all over the lake, but it is also cracking and its thickness is 3-4 centimeters. You can go on ice only off the coast.

There are already lucky people at the ponds who caught pikes in the winter lanterns. True, the names of the ponds and location do not indicate. They save the place, they are afraid of the invasion. They can be understood. During such raids, there is sometimes no place for the natives themselves to sit down with a fishing rod, and yet they are cackling, bottles are scattered across the ice.

But Andrew shares his success. He went down, said, to the Lazh river and caught perch. He writes that the perch pleased with his activity. He took his soul away in catching perches and even in the appendage caught a good roach.

Neighbors from the Kirov region write that ice is 5-6 centimeters thick in the reservoir, which, however, is not specified. The reasons for this have already been discussed. Most likely, fishing also takes place on the pond. Icebreaking is unlikely to have begun on Vyatka. They also actively catch perch.
Surprisingly, the Volga backwaters in the area of ​​the village of Kokshaysk stood on the ice. Judging by the shots, ruffles are still serving as prey, but the dare is the beginning of trouble ... It seems that in these backwaters it is already possible to put girders on the ruff. Burbot here takes all winter and often comes across even during the day, which does not really correspond to his habits of a night predator.

At the ponds closer to Tatarstan, colleagues also catch perches. The lures are vertical spinners and balancers. Judging by the photographs, there are no particularly large perches yet, but with the accumulation of ice all sections of reservoirs will be accessible, where, probably, there are flocks of larger humpbacks.

That went through our local forum and something combed out somewhere. Adventure wanted in one place. The footage of this unpretentious catch of perch, and most importantly - pike, really captures. It’s always like that. One has only to plunge into the atmosphere of fishing the first ice, when it is already unbearably drawn to where the initial ice smells of the freshness of a frosty day, a bitter smell of cold, dried grass and frozen bark is felt. And when it smells on the ice with the pungent smell of caught fish beating on a fishing line, then you understand how sometimes a Russian fisherman, who caught not a marlin or barracuda, but some striped perch with a palm, needs little for happiness.

Judging by the reports from the fields, it is clear, in this case from the ice fields, the first ice is opened by the most active fish in this period - perches and pikes. Sudak is probably also actively hunting for small fish now, but at the moment it will not be possible to get to the places of its hunting and likely fishing. Off the right opposite bank of the Volga River in the Dubovoy area, barges, motor ships and tugs still run in a string without hindrance. Navigation has not closed yet. In places where zander is usually caught, at a depth of six to eleven meters, the ice is still probably not thicker than one centimeter. And only in the backwaters, they probably “pulled” a ruff, perches and small roach. However, there were no reports with Dubova yet. All anglers are guided by pond fishing so far. But that week, it’s quite possible to open the pikeperch season in the Volozh. It is located near the coast, and the depth reaches ten meters there. Therefore, the pike perch also enters the Volozh. But time will tell.