Bream in the fall on bottom gear

Bream fishing places in the fall. When does a bream bite better in the fall? What bait fishermen use. Catching a bream for "ringing", fly and side fishing rod in the fall. Tackle in strong currents.

With the onset of autumn cold, bream, like many other fish, begin to move to deeper places, which for some aquatic inhabitants serve as wintering pits, and for others as night camps before going out for feeding. Bream refers to such fish. It is not as active in autumn and winter as perch and pike, but nevertheless does not fall into deep hibernation like tench and other cyprinids, which cannot be found in late autumn and winter.


Change of bream fishing places in autumn
Autumn Fishing Bait
When does a bream peck better?
Fishing for bream
Strong tackle
From the boat to the “ringing” and side fishing rod

Already in September, bream fishing places are changing

If you take a small river, the best points for productive fishing will be the braids and edges near the pit, especially if the pit is rough and deep. In such places, the feeder will be the most successful tackle for bream in the fall. Usually they choose a shallow sandy shore for fishing, which gradually lowers and goes deep to the opposite steep bank, under which there are bog oak trees and spruce.

The first test casts are best done with a marking weight, trying to put it closer to the pit so that when it returns to the shore it is possible to determine the presence of snags, and most importantly, the point where the pit goes into a sloping slope. Usually this place is uneven. This brow is washed away by the current, because grass grows on a smaller place and mollusks live - more often toothless and less often moths. These plants and mollusks strengthen the soil. Therefore, the boundary between the sand pit and the rift, which is clean at the bottom, is usually noticeable when the marker weight moves. And since life boils on this border, then, naturally, fish come here to feed. So, such a place makes sense to feed the feeders first without leashes and hooks. Usually 10 feeding troughs are enough to feed the point. At this time, you can already start using winter bait for cold water. After feeding the point, you can start fishing.

What do bream catch in the fall

In autumn, the bream is more and more willing to peck at the worm. If in the summer plant tips were more attractive, now, before winter, fish need calories. Therefore, worms and “sandwiches” from maggots with maggot are best suited .

But with morning frosts, the bloodworm will often become the most effective bait. For a feeder hook, bloodworms are, of course, rather weak. It will flow out and will be unsuitable for fishing in the first minutes. Therefore, bloodworms are better to tie into brushes. There are special devices for this, where the bloodworm is placed in a tube, and an elastic band is put on the larvae, tying the bloodworm into the brush.

When a bream bites better in autumn "> Fishing a bream for fishing

In the fall, fishing for bream can also be successful if the place is chosen correctly. Usually this is a rather deep pit, in which the reverse flow slowly circles, and then a stream of moderate flow. Usually there is vegetation on this border. For her and should throw a bait hook. If space permits, it’s best to use a flywheel carbon fiber fishing rod with a hook hook. The bait is thrown to the bottom. Fishing is carried out when the hook is dragged along the sandy bottom. Any float stop should attract attention. Often such fishing is most effective on a small river in the fall.

Bait is also necessary in such places and with this method of fishing. It is thrown above fishing points in the form of large and rather dense balls.

Strong tackle

On a stronger course, a donka fishing rod will do. This is the same carbon fiber fishing rod with a reel, on the main fishing line of which a sliding sinker and a leash with a hook are attached. The bite is determined by the apex, on which you can attach a bell or bell.

Fishing a bream from a boat to the “ringing” and side fishing rod

On a large river during the warm autumn period, fishing the bream from a boat for ringing and side fishing rods can be most effective.

In deep places with a strong current, “rings” are usually used, where the cord of a heavy feeder is connected by means of a movable lead ring to the main fishing line of the donkey. The ring is at the same time a moving donkey sinker. When the ring with leashes is lowered along the cord to the lid of the feeder, the hooks with bait are always in the cloud of leached bait. (details on fishing for bream on the ring)

On smaller places with a moderate current it is better to use side fishing rods, which are larger analogues of a winter fishing rod with a nod. Equipment is made in the form of a feeder feeder with a leash tied above.

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