Feeder or float

When the feeder wins the float rod, and when not. A couple of examples on a pond and river.

At the pond

Today we are back at the pond in Salobelyak. The name of the village often causes a smile, because you immediately see a forest hare, flabby, with fat ... A sort of hare in a tailcoat is an opera tenor from the famous cartoon. Do you remember? “They will bring me home, I will be alive ... And again a bunny will come out for a walk again!” Walk, walk, walk! .. ”. Something like that. And the opera code finale ...

But here, in the Kirov region, there are a lot of funny and meaningful names of places: Sparrows, Goldfinches, Zubari, Klyukino ... Good places, deserted, still quite clean, and therefore fish. One river Yaran is worth with its chubs. Here are just a lot of abandoned villages and farms with stone houses of merchants still time.

Today, taking into account the experience of fishing here before, I still took two six-meter-long fishing rods with me, well, and, of course, I took the feeder. He left the five-meter “float” at home. I didn’t justify myself in the search for a fish trail, I still couldn’t reach it ...

In the morning, my friend and I merrily dragged plump carp to the worm and maggots and were sure that the fishing was completely successful. Up to two hundred grams of Karasi came across equally with floats and a feeder. Either the bait “Unicorm” for the crucian worked, along with the garlic, or did they reach the catchy point? But a little later, when the sun rose high enough and began to fry to the bones, a rubber boat floated from somewhere. A fisherman in a classic hat stumbled six meters forty from the shore, and began to drag almost trophy crucians onto the “float” ... At least, there were half a kilo of specimens. Here you are, grandmother, and St. George’s Day ... But we thought that it was better and could not be fishing than ours ... Something similar was already on the suburban pond. Only then did my son Ivan play the role of successful fishermen. While the rest of the coastal crucians were gloomily and hopelessly staring at the floats, we pulled crucian carp one by one from the boat.

So ... We need to get to this distant fish trail. Large crucian carp, apparently, moved away from the coast and feeds along the bed of the flooded river. But to throw a feeder here means to interfere with a person. Under the boat itself, a spiral feeder with feed pressed into it will flop.

We leave thirty meters along the coast, select an empty seat and throw feeders. After some time - the first bite! Yes, crucian carp is clearly larger and hard to stay on the hook, although the number of bites has decreased. But it was a strong and beautiful fish.

But the most comical and unexpected continuation still awaited us ahead ... Already collecting my things and wrapping my gear, I, at random and probably from reluctance to leave, threw a fishing rod over a sedge, very close to the shore. Bite! And the same large crucian, it turns out, was waiting for us near the coastal sedge. So understand this fish ... Moreover, six-meter rods even had to be shortened by removing one knee. Crucian took sedge correctly and often. True, in this place there was a kind of deep furrow, where, apparently, a large crucian was resting in the shade behind the sedge, occasionally lazily swallowing the nozzle for dessert ... This time the feeder and the “float” - 1: 1 ...

On the lake

The morning passed in unsuccessful attempts to break through to its reserved place, which once pleased with the catch of scavengers, roach-roach, ides, and in the fall - night fishing for burbot. The road through the clearing in the damp deciduous forest was viscous after the rains; I did not want to shake the bike along the railway embankment and sleepers. Therefore, I decided to check the path along the left bank of M. Kokshagi.

In place, he habitually threw a six-meter "float", setting the depth by the previous standards - two and a half meters. But the depth was no more than a meter. The lake became shallow, dropping water into the same shallow Malaya Kokshaga. The place, although verified, but in the resulting shallow water brought only one scammer a little more than a palm. The light five-meter fishing rod abandoned nearby, which roach was recently caught on here, also did not give a result. All fish, large and small, departed from the coast.

Moving to the other side - wasting time. And I took out the feeder. I fastened the feeder with a light spiral for 15 g. She established herself well in quiet pond fishing. Squeezed into it "Sports Fishing" with millet porridge and threw thirty meters from the coast. Behind the feeder there are two leashes, and on hooks a maggot with caster and a semolina. Although I’m not a fan of confusing it with two leashes, here, nevertheless, a check is required: what it takes ">

There is! The first hit on the top and the fish walks tight on the fishing line. A scavenger, about a pound. And he took the maggots with the caster.

Then all the bites were only at an even greater distance from the coast, and the scavenger took maggots with a caster or a worm. The feeder won under these conditions.