Winter perch fishing

What bait to catch perch in winter. The tactics of luring perch to the hole. How to supplement a spoon for a winter perch. What to catch on the first ice and in the wilderness. Vertical and bottom spinners planning baits.

There is no more common fish in our bodies of water than redfin perch. And handsome, and the striker on the hook, and strong, if the weight and size allows. Therefore, probably, there are as many lovers of perch fishing, especially on the first ice, when underwater predators are most active. Another advantage of diving fishing is that it does not depend on weather conditions as much as, for example, fishing for bream or large roach. Take perches in almost any weather, not large, of course. Inveterate humpbacks are more capricious when the weather changes and more suspiciously than small perches at the sight of artificial baits. But in general, catching on balancers and spinners is very exciting and quite simple, although it has its own secrets .

Vertical Lures for Perch

The most common lures are vertical spinners, that is, working up and down, to put it simply. These baits have a long history and were used, probably, even under Tsar-Pea ... But more modern spinners have a slightly different look than classic trompe l'oeil with a hard-soldered single-hook. Nowadays, spinners with a freely hanging small trie are more common, on which there is usually some kind of attractive replanting in the form of brightly colored plastic droplets. It can be scarlet, green droplets, combinations of these colors, in a word, attractive “temptations” of the so-called acid color or neon colors.

Planning baits for the first snow and the wilderness

In the season of first-spring, when predators, including perch, are very active, planners are involved, who also have an active or aggressive game, causing the excitement of perch. They move briskly and overwhelming jerks, swimming to the side and returning to the original vertical. But the signs of “dead end” are barely manifested when a too wide and energetic game of gliders begins to scare away perch from the hole. Sluggish, they are already responding better to the primitive game of the so-called “nails” - the baits are narrow and have almost no deviations from the vertical. And this simple game often gives the best result in the “dead” period.

Balance weight "Rapala 7"

Among the balancers stand out "Rapala 7" . For catching large fish, they are most suitable. But sometimes a big fish just ignores the big bait. And then it’s better to use universal Kuusam balancers with a length of not more than five centimeters, as well as Rapala, but more miniature, no more than 3-5 cm . Here, a perch with a palm can become prey, and a humpback is heavier than a pound.

We catch in the ice

When the first ice comes, often all fishing takes place in a shallow coastal zone. It uses the lightest and smallest gliding spinners, as well as small balancers. In such places, you should always check the upper level, where often right under the ice perches crush fry. Sometimes you can even see them, fry, scrolling to the sides in clear water under the hole.

Over time, when the ice already becomes thicker, predators go to deeper places, where heavy lures and large balancers are used for their catch , the length of which is 7 centimeters.

Tactics of luring perch in winter

In tactical terms, to lure the perch to the hole, it is better to use the balancers first. From afar, they are visible to striped predators with their wide and long swims on the sides, with quick movements up and down, when a rather large and brightly colored bait flashes in the water column. These balancing eights are visible even from above through the transparent ice.

For further fishing, after curious perches begin to gather and push under the hole, it is better to use still vertical spinners, which have the most rational, fast, short game. This means that fishing will go faster, as well as the removal of one hook from the pharynx of a perch, and not just three hooks of a balancer, which is not very rare.

Bottom spinners

Bottom, bottom spinners are very relevant for sluggish perch biting . These lures have an extra hook in the tail. A game of bottom spinners consists mainly of movements at the bottom, when the bait, tapping and rummaging in the silt, raises turbidity. This can not stand the most careful perch ...

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