In the backwater for perch

Make a place interesting, but difficult. There is fish, but how to get it ...

Very often, I fish on small rivers. And it’s not that the fish is better here, that I don’t have the opportunity to get out into the big water. Most likely the main reason is that fishing on small rivers, you always need to move along the shore, the picture around is constantly changing, and besides fishing itself, I admire the world around me. As they say, for me fishing has never been a means of getting food, I would say that fishing in my case is rest, relaxation, the search for harmony, silence and the "noise" of nature.

Actually, those who fish on small rivers are well aware that the river, slowly carrying its waters, forms a huge number of backwaters. It happens that such a site does not exceed a dozen meters, but there are those that are no less than a football field. It was in such a place that I once observed an interesting picture.

I went out, as usual, in the morning

Sunday, the weather is nice, end of August. With a spinning box with a bait. What I like about such fishing is that all the gear is immediately with you, everything is in the backpack and you can safely explore new places and horizons, which I did. Moving along the river bank and casting, I managed to see the pike out, to catch the puppy that was released while still in the water (I just loosened the cord). And of course, various bursts did not escape the look, I saw a woodpecker on the opposite bank, fog and so much everything, from which it was just somehow good. Gradually, I came across an interesting backwater, which literally was all in motion: bursts, the sounds of some champing. By all indications, perch walked and fattened here. For the sake of calming his own nerves, he made about 30 throws on the pike. I changed different lures - there was no bite, which means it was just a perch. Well, catch perch.

The place is interesting, but difficult

The thing is that a jig will not work here: a shallow and overgrown bottom. Topping the bait is a good idea. Put a little popper. I cast in the direction of the bursts. The first five casts did not give a result, only seagrassed. The sixth cast was made a little away from the place of bursts, where cleaner water was visually observed, or rather, a less overgrown area. 2-3 turns of the coil, and a splash !!! Palm perch on the shore. The second cast to the same place was empty, but the third wiring ended again with the collection of algae. In general, it is clear that there is fish, but here's how to get it ...

I remembered that I had a pike float with me

And the thought immediately spun! I put this float, I did not use the load, the float has enough weight to cast, and on a leash of 1-1.5 meters I tied an ordinary small offset, onto which a very small twister was strung. I put the leash out of a thinner fishing line, tied everything with the loop method to the loop. The resulting combination worked like this: casting, the float does not allow the tackle to sink to a depth, the twister goes along the surface when winding. The float, of course, collects a little grass, but not the main thing in this design. It turned out tackle, something similar to sbirulino. And it was on this tackle that I hesitated to go fishing in this backwater. About an hour I walked around this backwater, 15 perches were in the cage. I notice good perches.

In the evening we got excellent roast. And what else is needed for happiness ">

So it turns out that it is not necessary to have expensive gear, everything can be made from the simplest components. It may not look exactly like in a store, but it catches.

Good luck fishing and all the best.

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