Fishing Cases "How We Robinson"

Everything that happens to fishermen on water and on ice is difficult to suck out of one’s finger while sitting in a warm apartment and generously drinking a seagull, and according to the mood, vodka. Events are sometimes simple at first glance, but strong in emotions, which you can only know from your own experience if you swim in a ravine or in the same icy autumn water. In a word, there is no one invented in these descriptions. Everything is in the spirit, except that there are stories from other people's stories, but the storytellers swore and swore that everything stated was true. However, what am I making excuses for? All the same, stories about fishing honesty have already entered the sayings ... So believe it or not, if you like it.

How we robinson

On one Friday, the thirteenth of October ... From the very beginning it is clear that this will end badly, Friday and even the thirteenth. Well, so, on Friday morning we untied my boat from an old branching alder, or rather we opened the lock on the chain with which the boat was fastened to a tree.

- Well, freaks, where is you taking ">

- Well, well, I suggested. Well, let's go for a good fishing trip! Do not drown my boat! ..

- Swam, we know.

“I know how they swam.” Especially Sanya last winter near Kuzma in the middle of the Volga and for the course ... If it weren’t for the men with the drill, then I would still swim somewhere near Astrakhan.

- Well, for fishing ...

A wide channel met us with a coastal wave, striking the sides of the boats. The course was to a long island. My boat was much wider and heavier than Leonid’s boat, made of an aluminum pipe for watering meadows and fields. Yes, and the nose at the boat of our friend was as if cropped. In addition, the boat was rotary. Leonid alone, wherever he could, wasted his nets under the village in shallow water, which the local fishermen called the “swamp”, and Nikolai and I would have to fish from it, since we would leave my boat off the island. Only the light boat of Leonid is within our power to drag across the island along the stumps of logs.

- Come on, Kolya, let's put on vests just in case.

- Yes, it doesn’t hurt. What a wave ...

That’s absurdity ... While we were going to the island in two boats, we were in life jackets, and we dragged the boat across the island, melted the stove, warmed the dugout, drank at the table near the dwelling, and there it became hot. When the two of us went out on the second channel to Leonid’s boat, they took off their vests, they say, they prevent people from throwing with a spinning rod. So we went to the middle of the canal: I was behind the oars, and Nikolai-Beard sat on the nasal can, to make it easier to throw.

- Eh! - I gave oars, as if on my heavy scow, out of habit, not considering that the nose was overloaded and clipped, and the vodka was amusing, rushing to fishing. (Do not repeat this mistake).

But the boat, instead of walking on water, suddenly went into the depths. Ice water was already bubbling at the chest. And we had to swim to the shore, but not to ours, it was already far to him, but to another island. Putting the oar under the armpits, we slowly sailed to the shore. I feel that the boots bought before fishing a size larger for autumn fishing suddenly went to the bottom. Too loose on their feet. He looked around, the boat was not visible. Now - only to the shore! .. From the icy water my breath caught, some heavy wave hit my head, and my heart was beating clearly out of rhythm. On winter fishing, in the ravine, there was something like that. But there the icy cold did not immediately break through the quilted jackets. Apparently, the vessels are narrowing from the cold and this disrupts the heart.

On the island they looked around and saw a boat. She, filled with water, drifted much downstream.

- It’s necessary behind the boat, we’ll disappear here! - Nikolai rushed back into the water.

- Kolya, come back, it's useless. You won’t turn it over in the water and you won’t have time to pump it out, there’s nothing, and you’ll freeze it earlier! - I shout after him. But he does not hear.

After swimming about five meters, Nikolai returned to the island.

- Cold, I would not have swum ...

- That's for sure…

We get mobile phones. They are full of water and, of course, do not work. Lighters do not work either. And the matches that were in my pocket in a sealed bag, somewhere, as luck would have it, disappeared. And from above, without ceasing, it poured rain and snowed. A night in such conditions without fire is the path to hypothermia and certain death. Here it is, Friday the thirteenth ... And I'm still without boots, only in socks. Cold to pain ... Something must be done.

I take out my lighter and strike it in vain, put it on my neck and try to dry it. And, lo and behold! .. After about ten minutes a light flashed. Immediately I cut the birch bark from the nearest birch and set fire to it. Then I toss the branches. Reluctantly, but they light up. That’s it, we’ll live ... We’ll extend it with a bonfire, though raw, like mice in a flood.

Nikolai stares at my feet in socks for a long time. Then, digging through his pockets, he hands me yellow rubber gloves.

“At least put it on.”

Wearing gloves, admire the new thing.

- Now I look like a frog-footed frog. Ah, to the Crazy frog. I saw ads in the city ">

Alternately putting on boots, we go for firewood. The fire is already like a fire. Soars from us, as in a bath. But ice slurry squishes underfoot. We lay at the stake a bench of poles. Even so warm up and dry, alternately substituting the back, then the chest, then the legs under the heat of the fire.

In the morning, an outboard motor buzzed in an adjacent channel, voices were heard. But no matter how much we shouted, no one answered. Obviously, local fishermen were too lazy to start the engine, it was a pity to burn gasoline and go to the "dummies" on a deserted island.

I cut the ropes from the OZK cloak and began to pull the birches to the fire. Nikolai followed me and finally realized:

- Ah, raft we will knit?

- Yes, otherwise it’s possible to robinzon here for a long time.

Nikolai began to help me, taking off his boots from me and dragging the dried ground found nearby.

Salvation came from a neighboring duct.

“Why are you shouting here?” - was heard from behind. In the boats sat, it seemed, fellow countrymen from the city. Spinningists. Local on the "rubber bands" do not go.

“So they drowned the boat.” And on that island there is vodka, cigarettes, and a dugout. Apparently, they tried to do the same, but here we’re learning coca ...

They laughed ... They are a pleasure, and we are relieved.

- Come on, board the boats. Let's go to your island. You need to bask. At night in the channel ice was along the coast. How did you get over here? ..

- The fire saved. Thank you fellow countrymen.

- It's my pleasure. You would also help out.

We drank vodka at the dugout, met, warmed up. And in the evening they found on my boat the boat of Leonid and drove to the dugout. The boat stood near the shore in reeds. Everything even remained in it, as it was: backpacks, spinning rods, supplies.

And so our robinsonade ended. You could say it ended happily ...