Fried carp

You can stew carp, bake with vegetables or spices, and the simplest way is to fry. Today we will tell you how to fry carp, just without any tricks.

Fried carp recipe

To do this, fresh carp carcass must be cleaned of scales, gutted thoroughly.

Tip: Use sharp scissors to rip the abdomen. With a knife, you can touch the gall bladder and then the taste of the fish will be completely ruined.

If there is caviar or milk inside the carp, do not throw them away, they can also be fried. Children are very fond of such a treat, though, not all.

Rinse the peeled and gutted carp thoroughly, and then cut into portions.

In a bowl, mix flour with salt (you can add your favorite seasonings besides this). Roll each piece of fish in the mixture and fry on both sides in a preheated pan, pre-lubricating it with vegetable oil. All …

The fried carp is ready.

Bon Appetit!

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