Catch the Burbot (Tips)

The article has some tips and simple comments.

Autumn, the first cold weather. Going out into the street, people are pulled into their clothes, open umbrellas and tend to squeeze into the bus or their car as quickly as possible. But this is what those who do not fish do. A real fisherman knows that it is in the fall, when the first frosts are already felt at night, and in the afternoon the wind “makes its way” so that you want something warm, the burbot begins, when you can successfully go fishing for burbot. It is cold weather, frost, wind and cooling rain that are signs that it is time to gather for the burbot.

You can catch burbot well enough from autumn until the first hot summer days, and the colder it is on the street, the more chances there are to return from fishing to the burbot with a catch. About how you can catch burbot, I recently wrote, you can read here. To what has already been written, I want to add that in addition to the method of installing donkeys (which need to be checked several times a night), burbot is also caught with spinning gear (the same donka) with various signaling devices. On my own, I note that it is more interesting to catch with a spinning rod, since you are always in the “work”, you fire at different sites, and the bite itself can be seen, which is interesting. In terms of productivity, of course, no better method has yet been invented than ordinary donks, which can be placed along the coast up to 20-50 pieces and periodically checked. Most often, burbot bites begin when it gets dark, although there are some exceptions. One fall, I caught a 1 kg burbot. sheer at noon.

I will try to tell you about some secrets and features of burbot fishing; perhaps you know something, but something will be a revelation for you.

1. The more donkeys, the greater the chances of catching

2. You need to stock up on ready-made leashes, because burbot deeply swallows hooks and do not waste time removing them in the dark

3. It is advisable to use a special glove to hold the burbot.

4. At night, the burbot runs aground, so do not ignore such areas

5. Too far from the coast throwing gear is not worth it

6. Sometimes, a bonfire on the shore “activates” a burbot biting

7. The best bait for worms, ruffs, and then - pieces of fish, frogs, meat

8. The fishing line must be strong, I often use kapron thread on the docks

9. If you catch spinning, an excellent signaling device is an ordinary bell

10. I use doubles, I refused tees, because they are difficult to remove (burbot deeply swallows)

11. Burbot can be fed: 1-2 weeks before fishing, you can throw chopped fish in the place of fishing

12. Previously (during the day) you need to study the fishing place in order to catch burbot purposefully at night, and it’s safer so when you already know the place

13. The clothes should be warm and “breathing”, because in the turmoil of fishing you can not notice the cold, and then “drop out” for 1-2 weeks. Pay attention to shoes (about fishing boots).

14. It’s better to go fishing on a burbot together or in company

15. Stock up on batteries for the flashlight - it's a shame when it bites, and the flashlight is out of order

Naturally, these are general tips. But it is precisely in their simplicity that the secret of successful fishing lies. Trivia fishing in burbot, as experienced fishing enthusiasts say, does not happen. Good luck to you.

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