Zander in the Urals

In many water bodies of the Urals lately, thanks to the artificial origin of reproduction, zander has arisen. Of these, my most beloved, on whom I catch this fish Beloyarsky, Volchikhinsky, Reftinsky, Verkh-Isetsky, Sysertsky ...

Sudak is a stereotypical predator of the perch genus. He lives in unsullied running water, prefers a hard clay and sand-pebble bottom, sticks between profit-flooded snags, pebbles, avoids places overgrown with grass. This flock of fish, too scary. The pike perch has a mouth and a throat less than a pike, therefore it is necessary to give bait fish the smallest volumes (roach, bleak, perch, ruff, gudgeon). On thoroughly cluttered and shabby places, you can successfully catch zander on a sheer, diving spinner or on a great hard mormyshka.

I can use a short strict uralochka rod with a reel. Fishing line with a diameter of 0.3-0.4 mm. I put a spoon-bait silver or tinned, with a length of 70-80 mm. Better not with a single hook, but with a suspended small tee. From time to time I will accept a dead fish on a tackle for arming, and as soon as the bite is sleepy, I put pieces of fish with scales on the tee.

The pike perch consists of the growth of the bait, its free fall and pause. It is necessary to measure the line so that the spinner does not reach the bottom of 20 - 30 centimeters. Raise smoothly by 50-60 centimeters, quickly lower and pause for 4-5 seconds. At this time, bites are traditionally visited. I noticed that actually the pike perch is enough exclusively, as soon as the fun is monotonous.

Some anglers like to catch pike perch on a considerable mormyshka weighing up to 30 grams, and up to 50 grams, equipped with a single maximum sharp hook 12-16 numbers. More catchy I find a clear mormyshka with flat edges, which is more noticeable. It is imperative that you attach a piece of fish to the hook, or even a small whole fish. In addition to all this, you can tie a leash with a length of 10-20 centimeters with a hook to the mormyshka, on which you also put a fish.

In the parking area of ​​the pike perch it is good to use 3-5 barrags with frisky live bait, at a distance of 5-10 meters 1 from another. To attract pike perch, I will occasionally take into service the upcoming reception: I pour the blood of animals into a liter jar, then I cover it with a plastic bag with holes and lower it on the bottom. Blood seeping, entices the fish with aroma. Let’s say the activity of many fish, the biting of pikeperch is negatively influenced by magnetic storms, a sudden change in pressure, east and north-east wind.

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