Reach the crucian trail

Report on fishing on a crucian pond near the city. “How to Reach the Crucian Trail”

Karasi ... These wide and strong fishes with dense scales and rippled fins have always been a welcome prey, since childhood even. The first fish were caught in a small pond-puddle and therefore were also smaller than the palm. But from those childhood impressions, some kind of attachment to catching crucian carp remained for life. Probably, the crucian fishing situation played its role here: silence and dawn lying on the mirror of fresh water, stirring of reeds, spread by strong bodies of crucian carp, a float that fell into the water and then goes into the depths, hooking and beating golden wide fish, smelling of mud and fresh water.

This time, before Big Fishing, they decided to spend the night with their sons to check the crucian pond near the city. There was only time for the morning dawn, and the pond was completely unfamiliar; moreover, they heard about it from my uncle Vasily literally the day before. Like, about eight years ago he launched three buckets of crucian carp there and now, according to rumors, local fishermen are catching good bast shoes, albeit not kilogram ones. But they come across nine hundred grams.

The eldest son, who had not been fishing for about ten years, wanted, of course, to go to the river with an overnight stay, but he did not always add up as he would like. So - it’s decided, we’re going for reconnaissance, and there we will plan about the long-distance trip.

We got up early, but while swaying, time flew by, and it was about 7 in the morning at the pond. Before our eyes, a local fisherman pulled a crucian weighing about 300 grams, probably more weighted a thick-lipped golden-scaled bump. We did not want to catch in the middle of the village. They rounded it and climbed out in backwards to a small forest. But having unwrapped the fishing rods and abandoned them, they found that the place, although picturesque, was only a half meter deep, and a horde of hungry and evil rotans with a finger attacked the hooks with worms.

We moved closer to the outskirts. Sons settled on a wooden bridge. Vanka soon pulled out a small carp. I settled down at a grove of birches. The place is cozy, solid, beautiful. And inside there was some sense of luck. I barely abandoned my six-meter, threw the bait, as the float classically lay on the water. And then he went obliquely into the depths. The cut! And the first crucian rests on a hook. Not the largest, but larger than the palm. More than once I was convinced that catching crucian carp even of the same size with spikes is more reckless: they are wider, heavier, more persistent on the hook than roaches.

Sons came to me and settled down beside me. And I have more fun, and bait is better used, immediately at all. But there was a certain amount of BUT ...

My sons have five-meter fishing rods, and I, as already mentioned, have a length of 6 meters. Although, of course, if we began to catch from the early dawn, then there might not have been a special difference. And here only at nine settled down reliably and conveniently.

There wasn’t much luck, but they pulled the roast. More caught in the six-meter. The eldest son, Dmitry, was not lucky at all: he did not catch a single crucian carp. And one could understand his grave chagrin: he had not been fishing for so many years, but here ... And there were already allegations of the unsuccessful share and the Law of Meanness. I, as I could, tried to calm and pay attention to the tackle.

There were no mystical tricks, the evil eye of the old witch, the machinations of everyone and everything, when you try to blame the whole world for failure in hearts. It seems to me that things like the early morning were required here, since the heat had long been rainy, then a long light fishing rod was required, for example, a fly fishing of 7 meters, well, a carp bait was needed. It could be a home-made mixture of millet-oatmeal and peas with garlic and honey. Also, fruit yogurt is respected by modern snacks. You can buy the finished mixture for crucian carp. In addition, as I think, it was not enough to have only a worm, semolina and barley as a nozzle. It would probably be nice to take crucian carp on a painted maggot. We had a late morning, feeder bream bait added to porridge, and mainly worms served as bait. And the length of the rod also mattered on this fishing, because when I didn’t throw six-meter over the entire length of the fishing line, the installed catchy descent of the float became large. So, somewhere near the maximum casting of my fishing rod, there was a crucian path or a channel of a flooded stream or stream, which became a pond. And all this was crucial.

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