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The case with a home-made mormyshka, on a nod without a nod.

Soon the season of open water, finally it will be possible to go out with a spinning rod and catch perch, and pike. But in addition to spinning gear, several years ago I also mastered such gear as a side nod, which is also a summer nod or summer mormyshka. A lot has already been written on this topic, and I am glad that fishermen with this tackle began to come across more and more often in the country's water bodies. Having met such like-minded people, you can speak “in one language” on a variety of topics regarding lateral nodding, and there are plenty of nuances here, which is just attaching the nod to the tip of the rod. I want to talk about how you can catch perch on a small river without a side nod and mormyshek.

I myself have been in situations where fishing on spinning lures does not give the desired success, and float tackle seems to catch, but does not leave the feeling that the perch wants something more, different tactics. So, last year I fished on roaches. The river is the most typical for the Moscow region: depths of up to 3 meters, there are clean sandbanks, and there are blockages, there are steep banks, interesting pits, thickets and sections with a reverse course. The river is always ready to pamper the fisherman with squint, perch, roach, chubs. Sometimes a scammer comes across, and in the best years, a bream. In general, I caught roach on a float tackle, a fishing rod of 6 meters (about a float). At some point, closer to 11 o’clock in the morning, the roach biting completely stopped, although visually here and there tempting chipmunks were noted on the surface of the water. There is fish, but it does not bite. I pushed around for an hour, and the final decision was made: either go home and spend the rest of the day on the couch, or try my luck on the river, somehow reconfigure the gear. Since the weather is excellent (cloudy, the temperature is about 18-22 degrees above zero, the breeze is light), the decision number 2 was made - to reconfigure the tackle and try your luck on perch.

At first I just increased the descent (depth) and began to catch areas under the shore, on the border of water lilies, grass. Okoshat was pecking, but somehow not very confidently, the tackle was always blowing somewhere. After that, I set the sinker at the very bottom, and tied the leash with a hook just above the sinker (as on the donka, by the way, read about the donka here), determined the depth, made a cast. The float doesn’t seem to blow, but with this method of fishing I had to fix the fishing rod statically on the shore, since it’s not very convenient to hold such a tackle in my hands, everything constantly gets lost from vibrations. Some of the stripes ended up in the cage and I finally decided to convert the tackle to a summer mormyshka. The problem is that you don’t have any mormysh with you, and nodding too. I started to think.

With mormyshka the problem was solved very quickly. Just above the hook, right above the ringlet, I fixed a large pellet - that’s the finished mormyshka. It was planned to plant a worm on the hook. It remains to resolve the issue with a nod. Since there was nothing at hand (neither plastic bottles, nor plastic jar of yogurt) I decided to catch without a nod. It is clear that the bite in this case will be problematic to track, but given that the perch eagerly attacks, and the fishing goes on the river (the fish on the river attacks more powerfully), I finally strengthened my desire to catch a side nod without a nod.

I make the first cast, or rather, lower the homemade mormyshka at the border of water lilies and clean water. Depth 1.5 meters, distance from the shore 4 meters somewhere. I determined the depth by sagging fishing line. Then, I raise the rod a bit (there’s no talk of any special game, there’s no nodding), and the tip is constantly moving, which means the mormyshka plays there itself. Immediately I feel a sharp jab, I do a sweep and perch with the palm of my hand in my hands. I repeat all the movements, and ... descent. Then, for about 5 minutes there is no bite, I lower the mormyshka a little away from the first place, a carpentry appeared in the cage.

I left fishing around 4 p.m., during which time I managed to fill my cage with 17 fish, of quite a credible size. And this despite the fact that about five more things fell apart, and how many bites I missed and did not see (I hooked mainly when I felt a blow or heaviness) - it’s even “scary” to imagine.

Fishing was a success, and for myself, I concluded that with a normal bite on the “side nod” you can catch without a nod, especially if it concerns catching perch and rattan, which are so pecking that hooking is often not required. After that fishing, I made one more conclusion for myself: now in my backpack there are always 1-2 year old nods and heels of mormyshkas. All this for a case similar to that described. On my own, I note that fishing on a side nod on small rivers began to drag me more and more, and most likely in the 2017 season I will completely switch to this type of fishing. Here and the constant movement, movement, search for fish, change of picture, real excitement, and the catch pleases.

Try it, good luck and all the best.

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