"Mastodont" Petrovich does not want to learn modern fishing

The old fisherman Petrovich does not change his habits under the influence of the anthropogenic press on Nature. He stubbornly continues to fish with unfashionable old gear and believes that the old Soviet spinning is better than ultralight. And this has its own highlight.

I found Neighbor Petrovich preparing for the next fishing trip. He loves and knows how to fish. And he never uses modern gear, such as a feeder or ultralight spinning rods. Catches in the old fashioned way. On a fishing rod. And if you pick up a spinning rod, then this is such a “stick” that you won’t even break through the knee. "Neva" reel, thick fishing line and heavy metal spinners in the entire length of the palm. Not because he has no money to upgrade gear. It’s just that Petrovich got used to catch it that way. And he doesn’t want to change anything. By the way, it was extremely rare to return home without a catch. He hardly eats fish himself, but treats neighbors and acquaintances with pleasure. In general, a kind of mastodon of domestic fishing of the Soviet model.

They say now that fish, under the influence of the anthropogenic press, has become more cunning. And to catch her, you need sophisticated gear. The fishing line should be thin and inconspicuous, the bait must play in a special way and even make sounds. Of course, there is no limit to perfection.

But Petrovich stubbornly makes lures from tablespoons and other improvised materials. Do not trifle with it. With some of his spinners, with a direct hit on the head, you can kill any fish.

I once asked him why he catches such hefty baubles. He answered the question with a question. What do you say will choose if you are very hungry - a big piece of fat with bread, or a tiny one? And he advised me, somehow on occasion, noticing a pike standing under a bush, to abandon two bait fishing rods. One with a small bait fish, the other with a larger fish.

By the way, moving away from the topic, I want to inform you that once I did just that on one small forest river. Seeing a standing pike, threw two fishing rods in front of it half a meter from each other. On the "live bait" was a gudgeon just caught, and on another coarser, "pike" fishing rod with a single hook, planted a chub weighing about 300 grams. And what would you think? A kilogram pike chose a chub. And for the first time it was not possible to cut it. And I threw the gear again. The pike did not leave, but as if waiting for prey. And again the chub pulled, not paying attention to the gudgeon.

Petrovich has survived to this day a whole set of white and yellow heavy "Soviet" baubles. He very scrupulously cares for them, cleans them, and from time to time varnishes them. When fishing, with hooks, if it is not possible to get a spinner using a hook, he climbs and dives into cold water without fear of sciatica.

And Petrovich does float fishing rods in his own way and for himself. For crucian carp, for example, it prepares floats from pigeon feathers. Inserting tiny foam balls in the middle for buoyancy. A thin fishing line, an almost weightless sinker and the lightest float make fishing very difficult in windy weather, making proper casting almost impossible. But then such a tackle, equipped with one or two thin sharp hooks, does not frighten the careful carp. And with a strong wind, Petrovich changes the rules. And he uses a fishing rod with an ordinary goose feather float, and, accordingly, a heavier sinker.

To catch roaches, he uses medium-sized, long-keel, ellipsoid floats, or makes them himself from solid foam. When fishing for bream in calm water, goose feather floats are used again. And during the flow into the wiring - elongated pear-shaped floats made of foam or balsa. They have a good load, but quite sensitive. Petrovich also likes to catch chubs in the wiring, hiding on the shore above the slope and etching the fishing line for a considerable distance. For such fishing, floats are needed large, about the thickness of a finger and about 15 centimeters long, so that a bite can be seen from afar. The first jerks of a large chub caught on a hook are very strong, so Petrovich never uses a fishing line thinner than 0.25 mm in diameter.

A fishing rod does not have a feeder, like a feeder. But you still need to lure the fish. Moreover, the feeder can be thrown anywhere, and the "float" can be caught only near the shore or near the boat. Petrovich solved this question simply. He is not afraid to overfeed the fish. He takes bait with buckets. In the evening, he simply empties a bucket - another lure in the proposed fishing spot. And in the morning, he throws, about two meters from each other, a pair of stockings from women's tights, surrounded by halves of bricks, ahead of time stuffed with compound feed, cake, breadcrumbs and even the remnants of dinners. Stockings before casting are punched in many places with a penknife so that cunning fish can get to the treat. Nearby are attached fishing rods with baits for the season. That's all. True, one must know where, when and what to fish for. Petrovich knows. Therefore, the neighbors are always looking forward to his arrival from fishing.

Returning to catching fish with a spinning rod, I want to add that, following the example of Petrovich, I tried to catch pikes on the ancient large spinners of the “shaker”. Petrovich gave me a couple of pieces. And I liked it. I found an old Soviet thick and strong plastic spinning rod, added a "Nevsky" reel. Fishing line - 0.5mm. Well, completely different sensations after inertialess coils. For short distances, the spinner flies for sure. Having adapted, it can be easily slowed down and put where it is necessary. And you drag a pike, not being afraid of a cliff of gear, like a horse in a bridle. Lepota. It should be noted that pikes really are not afraid of large spinners. This confirmed the capture of a 300 gram “pinch”, which turned out to be not much larger than the spinner. He was solemnly released into the river, with a parting word to get on my hook when a little grows up. Only one thing is unpleasant - fingers when braking an aluminum coil turn black and then wash poorly. But these are trifles, the main thing is that the catch should please.