Catching pikes on a gold silicone fish

Goldfish are loved not only by owners of decorative ponds, but also by pike. In this article, the topic of catching pike on a gold silicone fish is perfectly disclosed.

Who does not glare at the sight of gold? Obviously, this also applies to predatory fish. I often heard from colleagues that they successfully caught pikes, using beautiful goldfish as baits. I always remember this when I quit. look at your garden pond, where about a dozen such fish frolic. However, I would never have decided to use these magnificent fish that I bred as pike. But once, when I went to the fishing store, a gold rush swept over me. My hand, as if submitting to an unknown force, grabbed a gold silicone fish, which looked at me in all eyes. This bait turned out to be not so cheap, but an additional silicone body was attached to the head made of hard plastic, and I got a wonderful goldfish. At home, the novelty took its place in the box with lures for predatory fish. She probably would have remained unused there for a long time if in the fall of 2015 my forgetfulness had not come to my aid. I forgot at home the frozen natural fish intended for the attachment, and I really wanted to catch a pike. What was left to do? As a necessary measure, I opened a box with baits, and then a goldfish literally jumped out to meet me, as if I wanted to say:

“I will fulfill your desires!”

Excellent mobility of silicone fish

The water in the river was unusually turbid for the fall. Today, a brilliant bait would be the best, I thought. Quickly tied a steel leash and hung the bait to the clasp.

The fishing line whistled through a high arc through the air, the bait splashed loudly into the water, and I began to slowly rewind the fishing line. At the same time, for the first time I observed a wonderful game of a goldfish. She really wiggled excellently from side to side, up and down, which rhythmically reflected on the top of my rod. Full of optimism, I made a new cast. As soon as a goldfish broke through the surface of the water, it was immediately captured. The cut! The rod was bent, the fish was sitting on a hook. Soon a pike 65 cm long found itself in my sucker. I moved to another place. Three or four casts did not bring anything. Then again some movement in the water: the predator that accompanied the bait moved away from it 5 meters from me, striking its tail in the water. In such cases, I pause briefly to calm the fish. Then I throw the bait to the place of its alleged parking. So it was this time. And it’s as if a thunderclap. For a while, the fish sits on a hook, bends the top of the rod, then suddenly leaves. Again, I pause, this time longer, about 10 minutes. I throw it in the same place, but now I reel the fishing line in jerks. Like a torpedo, a pike rushes to the side of my goldfish. “This is the bait!” I thought. A powerful 70-centimeter fish whipped foam on the water while fighting. But this time I dealt with her.

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