At the turn of the spring

This period can be called a kind of pass, after which the revival in the underwater world begins. However, already in the February thaw, the breath of spring is heard and felt. And although it’s frosty in our middle lane now, in the mornings we can already hear the clear “shadowing” of tits. These are the first signs of the Beginning, if not spring, of her rehearsal. True, in recent years, it happens that in the middle of sunny and warm April, cyanotic clouds suddenly creep in, importantly inflate and begin to spit wet snow, so much so that for two days in a row I will have no rest in my house. As soon as I cleared the alley from the house and the platform at the gate, it immediately darkens and snow begins to pour from the sky, where each snowflake is almost a fist. And such snowflakes are splashed quite unlike New Year's, fluffy weightless snowflakes-beauties who, whirling, fell to the ground.

In February, the thaw of zergelniks comes, it can be said, a hot time

The pike is already starting to move and hunt. She no longer stands by the green driftwood, covered in leeches, and quite actively and consciously walks along certain paths to places where she will be ambushed, since this is not a corral hunter like a perch, but an ambush predator. And here it is important to find ways of its migration to hunting places or to find hunting places themselves. Moreover, in contrast to December and January, when fishing ended at one o’clock in the afternoon, there may even be evening pike outings during this period. I remember that my father and I built a dugout on the island and first dug a pit. It was hard to work together in it, and so we replaced each other. A free shift went to the barns, exposed in front of the island on the first wide channel. They usually caught fresh bait and changed it on the tees of the zergolits. Already at dusk, father had to go to the girders. At first he was lazy, saying what to do there now, all the same, the pike did not take at such a time, but then, nevertheless, he decided to go.

He soon returned with two pikes, one of which weighed nine kilograms. There, behind the shallow scythe where the trees lay, there was a small hollow, also shallow, but among the monotonous bottom landscape with a depth of two meters in this hollow was two and a half meters. And here, as if in a gate between a scythe and even depth, there was an evening pike out, almost at dusk. Such evening pike exits are characteristic for February, although not in all places. If we talk about forest lakes, then the dates of evening exits are shifted to March. This is due to the fact that in February many peat forest lakes are, so to speak, in complete suspended animation. Of the fish, only a small perch pecks, and even that is sluggish. But March can give you unforgettable pike fishing on such lakes.

One day at the beginning of March, it seems, on the third day, a friend and I came to such a lake, in fact, to catch perches and breathe in the air of a pine forest. It is painfully transparently ringing in these forests, it smells of turpentine and thawed rosemary, only a measured boron hum is heard under the pressure of the wind and the voice of the raven is: "crown-cool ...". Here in solitude there is some quiet joy, if you live alone in a dugout for several days. But then there was no dugout here. We will build it much later, on a cheerful sandy hillock near the lake, near the mouth of a deaf river.

And then I hardly persuaded Sergey to go to the lake. His arguments were clear to me, they say, go to the wilderness, there is no trail there, and only perches are caught from fish. Everything is so, but, as if I felt something, I persuaded a comrade.

We wandered through the snow to the lake almost to the waist in the snow. We went out into the creek by the path and sat on the boxes - to catch our breath. In between, I drilled a hole and ... began to carry perch one after another, and not only a trifle with one and a half fingers, but also larger specimens. And then my line was cut off at all. Then Sergei could not stand it: he sat down with a fishing rod nearby. We did not have time to look back, but it was already time in the evening. Live bait is full. And I decided to put the girders, although it’s too late already, and we have never caught a pike here before, which Sergey pressed on. But I still put the gear at the reeds and closer to the mouth of the river.

They decided to spend the night in a booth without a roof, where the hearth was between the rough bunks. They prepared firewood, made a fire, drank a little and decided to go to the lake with nothing to do. When we left, it seemed that the parade on May 1 had begun: the flags of the girly girls were aleling around ...

So we then caught a pike for two days, one of which weighed seven kilograms, and the other cut off the fishing line altogether.

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