How to catch burbot in winter

How to catch burbot on artificial bait. How to play lure. Catching on zherlitsy. How to choose a place to catch burbot.

Burbot is an unusual fish. While all the under-ice predators either sleepily stand in wintering pits, or occasionally and sluggishly swallow turned up fish, burbot is active and passionate. Moreover, he is not averse to attacking his small brothers, as they are easily swallowed, and the instinct is triggered - to remove the competitor . True, smaller burbots are harder to catch than carotid roach or rudd. But, obviously, gentle and swallowing brethren are too desirable prey for the cannibal nocturnal predator. At least, along with roaches and ruffs in the stomachs of large burbot, it is quite often possible to find small burbot. Especially often, such finds happen in the autumn, when burbot zhiruyut before spawning.

Once upon a time fishing bait for artificial bait was very common.

At the time of Sabaneev, these were rude and primitive home-made spinners. If we take into account that at that time it was full of the most diverse fish, then it is entirely possible to admit the expediency of fishing on spinners. Nowadays, such lovers are becoming less and less, but a combination of catching with set-tops and harnesses with more sporty fishing is practiced, where baits are also used for heavy jigs and jigs.

If we talk about artificial baits, then the popular planning baits for fishing burbot will not work. It will require heavy and narrow baits without bending, playing in the likeness of playing a perch “clove”, but more than the last two times. You should also change the very game of baubles. Here it will no longer be necessary to swing the lure with a fishing rod 30-40 cm from the bottom and withstand a pause in the lower position. A game that attracts burbot consists in tapping the bait on the bottom, raising silt and mud in this fuss, in small and smooth vibrations of the bait at the very bottom, sometimes touching it and again arranging fuss in a muddy pillow or in the sand.

It should also be taken into account that in our time it is difficult to seduce a predator naked bauble, no matter how well she plays. Pike perch, bersh, and now burbot, spoiled by fishermen, prefer baits with landing of the tail of a white fish or a whole small ruff, tyulka, bleak, top. Burbot, of course, is a lover of a snotty ruff, and it is not necessary to cut the thorns of a ruff.

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Large bobbins of worms or bunches of bloodworms are planted on spinners, heavy mormyshki and jig.

As for the game with jigsaw and jig, another principle is required here

Fractional and frequent vibrations are unacceptable in order to cause a burbot grip. Here, a smooth game near the bottom with tapping and dragging mormyshki along the bottom is more suitable. This is achieved by releasing mormyshka with the flow and pulling it back. It is clear that the weight of the mormyshka should be matched to this effective method of fishing.

To catch burbot with zergilits, you can use tackle on pike without changing anything.

Burbot is not very demanding on the elegance of tackle, but, nevertheless, it is better to use lighter vents for ponds and small lakes, which should be in the range of anglers along with heavy gear for winter fishing for bottom pike on large rivers and reservoirs. When putting tackle on a burbot, you should remember that bait must be at the bottom, otherwise the burbot will not even think of climbing a fish on a tee or double, even if it snoops sniffly at the bottom. At least, there will be less grip than if the bait fish crawled at the bottom, floating up and falling to the bottom again.

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How to choose a burbot fishing spot

The choice of fishing location in reservoirs is fraught with difficulties that are inherent in any large reservoirs. It's easier to find a pike. She lives almost everywhere, adhering to slopes in the pit and snags. Burbot also loves such places, but prefers more river beds, flooded by the waters of the reservoir.

On small forest rivers, the burbot is kept near the high pit bank, where there are a lot of topli brought by floods. But for night hunting, he goes along the edges of sand spits, which break off into a hole by a ramp. Sometimes burbot together go to the rifts, where until midnight every now and then flags of zherilitsa are thrown up. Then there is a lull and only closer to the morning there are still burbot outs.

Despite the fact that fishing for burbot is not entirely sports, it carries the spirit of romance and mystery, which always reigns on long winter nights, especially on a bright full moon. In addition, burbot is very rich in the ear and is good in the pan, and its delicate liver is an excellent delicacy.

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