Spoilers instead of pike

Fish - scavengers and husters.

The bait is a red-gold bezmotylka and bloodworm larvae.

Today I am again at our city reservoir. This time he did not bother with live bait and try to catch small roach above the city on the Kokshage River. Last time, only in vain did I break my legs in the meadows and in the virgin snow. Skis, although with a plastic coating, but still hard to walk on wet snow. I didn’t take a trifle at all then. Something happened with the river above the city and in the city itself. Obviously, summer killing with heat and a high water level, when the coastal vegetation falling into the water began to rot, seriously affected the reservoir and, probably, for a long time. Since that time, the pike began to catch badly on the city’s reservoir on the lanterns and began to come across much smaller ones than before. And other fish began to be caught worse. Last year I didn’t take bream for feeder. And most importantly, that summer, when the killing occurred, the local fishermen, united in the VK group, launched 400 kilograms of carp, supposedly, let them get divorced. But since then, neither these rumors nor the spirit about these bastards. Not one has yet been caught. Of course, upon capture I would let him grow back, but a fact is a fact. Did they not survive? I remember how in those days I was sitting with a feeder on the shore and saw that suddenly the crayfish, large, black, got aground. And a little further aground stood a layer of fish. Above it, another layer of fish swallowed alternately the air from the surface of the water. A heavy sight. And most importantly, did not know how to help?
But still, I periodically check the city reservoir and the river near my home. Maybe our Little Kokshaga will recover?

Today I have again bought live bait - a small and some kind of strange narrow patch, chased, narrow, in shape more like a dace. Where is this caught and how ">

Drilling ice is hard, damp, thick. If I still had my Volga helper for giant pikes and breams - 180 mm ice drill - then, on such ice after ten drilled holes, even if you fall in the snow and swallow water from the hole. You work out and evaporate completely. But when the hype with fish ended after flooding the bed of the reservoir and shredded breams and pikes, I gave the ice drill to a village friend - Leonid-Gulyai's leg. He needs to drill holes under the nets. As they caught with nets, they will catch, and it’s illegal all the time. Now, according to the new rules, Siberians and Northerners were now allowed to feed their families with net fish, and for some reason, the Volgars living on the river were not given this right.

I advise you to read: Do you want to buy blue whiting for the Volars?

But even with a 100 mm ice drill it is not easy to drill holes. Only by half-past eight in the morning I put out a dozen toadstools, fed three holes with winter bait and sat down to drink tea with sandwiches with bacon. Home-made salsa, all in meat veins, it is pierced with garlic and smells like that ... No, there is such fat without vodka - translate the product ... I take my favorite flask with the emblem of the USSR out of the box and drinking tea becomes more varied and pleasant. And just splashed fiery water in a shiny glass, when the flag of the zergelina rose. How many times have I noticed that the first raises of flags or bites on a fishing rod happen at this very moment. Okay, I have time to drink, I must - to the zergel! But no matter how much he sat, holding the fishing line and waiting for pulls down, but he did not wait. And live bait was in place, however, a little dented.

In general, the day on the pike failed

In addition, the morning, there were two more flags rising closer to noon, but, as in the first case, wasted. It was as if the "shoelaces" of grams were beaten on live baits by 400-500 grams, not more. There are no gunshots on my vents even in strong winds. Apparently, the reservoir has not fully recovered.

Small scavengers and hustlers who suddenly pecked in the holes fed in the morning saved me from a dry zero score . They took at a depth of four and a half meters, get on the edge between four and five meters. Further on, at five or six meters of depth, there were zergelis, also in a good place, where before, in the best of times, I used to catch eight pikes before dinner. And among them were copies of about three kilos in weight. And once, also in March, two pikes caught on the minnows - 3 and 5 kilos. It was, it was ...

The scammers took on a small red-golden rewinder, on which I still planted small bloodworm larvae.