Perch before a thunderstorm

... as if for the last time peckers were pecking and I caught them too, as if for the last time ...

About an hour, probably waiting for a bite. And then the float quietly swam to the side, swaying the tip-antenna and barely noticeable plunging into the water ... But I waited. Sooner ... And too early ... But here the antenna was barely noticeable against the backdrop of pond ripples, splashing the sun. It's time! .. Sweeping and stubborn gravity oppresses the rod.

Soon, water boiled under the shore, muddy mud rose and an olive-green fish with red eyes peered through it, froze, and then hit with a wide tail-shovel, raking under it with soft fins. Come here, dear! .. I pick up a line with a net and dump a fish in a green wide cage, just to the color of the line pastures. He calmed down. He twisted sideways a couple of times, poked into the net and became silent, sleepily swallowing water. And why should he confuse one? .. Comrade would be to him, a neighbor, and to me - booty.

And the lines occasionally pecked, but until I ran out of mollusks. I refused to take a tench for the worm, they say, wait until August, then according to the rules I will also take the worm. At this pond, actually closer to the end of summer, the tench loses its indecision and begins to take confidently and relatively often, if we talk about the tench.

With worms so until the evening and would sit in vain. But he threw it lazy and went to the bay - to collect larvae. The lines again pecked, in the middle of summer, at an inopportune time for them. And again it turned out that in the middle of the summer, any bottom living creature or worms, insects, spiders crawling along the underside of a lily mussel can be the best bait, as was the case in summer fishing for a bream in a jig with a side nod.

Fishing in the summer is unpredictable, especially in the heat

In the morning he again counted on catching a line on dragonfly larvae. I scored them with a margin in the same bay where my legs plunged into the silt-sapropel knee-deep and the bottom is covered with herbs and roots of a water lily. But the lines ceased to peck at all, according to the principle - as cut off. They were no longer inspired by mythical mollusks, not to mention simple dung worms ...

And, apparently, it was not in vain that the tench refused to peck. A blue streak appeared on the horizon, then heavy puffy clouds covered the sun, thunder rumbled muffledly, and lightning flashing into the ground flashed in the black-blue sky.

The pond froze in suspense. And the more unusual was the behavior of perches, as if hurrying before the thunderstorm to hunt enough for the float and tench, which, apparently, went up with changing atmospheric pressure. The entire mirrored water surface, which had become quiet before the rain, was covered with circles from a melting fish and strong splashes from the attacking perches.

I could not bear it already. Goblin with her, with this thunderstorm, when will she still come? .. And here they are, they just rage on the water. In a shallow creek, a sabbath was generally arranged - a collective hunting drive, when the flock drove a frightened silver trifle to the sandbank and here it was already mercilessly beating, gurgling and uplifting, as if rain had already fallen.

I pumped up the boat and went into the water directly opposite the tent. I put on a proven Mepps from the Aglia series and abandoned it near the boat. And then - a blow! And ... sluggish ragged fishing line ... I don’t know what was caught there, is it a pike? Or the fishing line was damaged. But the Mepps are over. This was the last one.

I look in a box with turntables. Mepps are not Mepps, but Akara turned up by the arm. My son Dimka and I checked these turntables on the Volga ducts. He then placed them as front-loaded, with the “field” cargo in front, since the place was deep away from the grass, where he strove to throw it. And he caught perches for a pound. I put the same six-gram turntable Akara Action Series Bullet 2 on a thin fishing line, but without load in front. And he also caught big perches, competing with the Mepps. And Akara was not inferior to the Mepps.

I put this turntable now. And off ... Casting a bite. Now a perch or a decent perch is beating on a fishing line, smartly writing out circles around the boat.

Only the pouring rain drove me away from the perch place, where, as if for the last time, perches were pecking and I caught them, as if for the last time ... I would also sit in the rain, but it was too lightning aimed. They seemed to be sticking ever closer into the ground and already into the water. I even heard theirs hiss ... Well, of course, fear has big eyes. But on the water in a thunderstorm and in fact it is better not to anchor. I’ll have time to catch after the thunderstorm.