Tricky catchy tackle for perch, rotan, roach

Simple design, variation of gear on a rotan.

In this short article I want to share with you the gear that I catch in low currents, in stagnant ponds, which is mainly designed for careful fish. In addition, it is known that often flocks of perches revolve around the bait (mormyshka), but do not attack it.

Another situation is known when the concentration of fish in the selected area is not high and there is a need to attract it. You can, of course, feed the hole, overfeed the place, but the result in this case is dubious: the fish can and will do, but as for the bite, the question is. You need to be able to properly feed fish in the winter, choose the right winter feeders and methods.

How to make tackle

Once I wrote about tackle, with a sinker below (tackle on a rotan), about what my friends think about this technique. So, this tackle is very easy to improve in order to get a result almost in a hopeless situation, from the point of view of fishing. So, on the main fishing line you need to put on a few beads (I wear two black and one red), above the beads and a sinker I attach a hook, a weight is attached from below (an ordinary shotgun is suitable for this). I paint the pellet black and camouflage it with pieces of woolen threads, so that when playing it would appear that at the bottom there are worms and maggots.

The principle of playing tackle is simple

I put a couple of bloodworms on the hook, lower the tackle to the bottom (at the same time, I know the distance from the hook to the weight, and when the load sank to the bottom and a nod showed this, I also lower the hook). Then, with slow oscillating movements, I raise the hook, and when the nod begins to bend slightly, I understand that the sinker has come off the bottom. It is at this level that I continue to play. What is interesting is that the bead attracts fish (my friends and I observed this when “peeping” through a special device when we were fishing in winter to a depth of 1 meter). But, since the fish does not detect and frighten the beads, more and more schools of fish are suitable, eventually they find a small hook with a bloodworm and ... a bite occurs. Everything is very simple, cheap, but meanwhile interesting and effective.

Try it, all the best to you.