Roach on Mormyshka

Both in the summer and in the winter ... My thoughts on this type of fishing. An article for beginner fishermen.

In winter, the vast majority of fishermen catch mormyshka, the other part prefers winter baubles and a bobber, and only a few use winter lanterns in fishing from ice. I consider myself in the first category, because the mormyshka allows you to catch not only peaceful fish, but with some skill and features of the game and equipment, you can go fishing for pike perch with burbot and pike. Moreover, mormyshka occupies one of the most honorable places in my fishing box, as I continue to fish for it in the spring, summer and autumn. The main types of fish that I catch on mormyshka are perch, crucian carp, roach, sometimes bream and pike, although ides with chubs are often found. Another story is catching a rattan on a mormyshka. This fishing is especially interesting in places where large rattan is found, and you can fully feel the beauty of fishing with this fish. For example, on the first ice, I most often go to lakes with a rotan, and after that I reorient to fishing on a perch. If we talk about catching rattan on a jigsaw, the main requirement here is the length of the hook: the longer the forend, the better, otherwise it will be difficult to free the jug, since the ratan swallows it deeply. Otherwise, thanks to the huge variety of mormysheks, you can experiment with their choice and methods of playing (posting) year round.

It is interesting to catch roach on mormyshka in open water. For such fishing, I use a fishing rod of the order of 4-5 meters, I put rings of reduced diameter, and most often I cut a nod from a plastic bottle (those that sell various drinks). The thing is that this material is available, and you can make nods of different lengths in unlimited quantities, which will be relevant when you test mormyshki of different weights and sizes. I put the line no more than 0.15 millimeters (in the summer), reeling it on a reel. The option of equipment without a coil is not so interesting to me, although some of my friends chose the option of summer mormyshka without using a coil, stopping on a reel or just a blank tool, when the depth of the reservoir is approximately the same throughout. The hardest part in open-season mormuscular gear is the nod mount. But I’ll say right away that there are many options to fasten the nod to the rod, and the simplest of them is to tape it with tape or thread, and after the fishermen remove it. Yes, it doesn’t look so beautiful, sometimes you have to correct the nod, but the way everyone can do it is available and, most importantly, it works. In the summer, as a bait for roach, I use bloodworms (I buy on the market in the aquarium department), maggots, or caddis flies. And I noticed, in those places where the caddis dwells, roach refuses any other bait. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is a rare occurrence. I like the mormyshka because you can approach the most interesting places from the point of view of fishing: not approaching the shore, throw the mormyshka under the steep shore, run it from the rapid to the shore where aquatic vegetation is located, calmly catch areas of reeds, go fishing near fallen trees, dams etc. In this sense, the float loses somewhat, since it requires much more manipulation, so as not to confuse the tackle, and catches only at one depth. Mormyshka for one cast can be caught in different horizons. In addition, the size of the mormyshka does not scare the roach so much (especially in areas with the course) when the fisherman lowers or raises the tackle. The float in this sense is doubtful, especially when fishing goes in calm weather.

Mormyshka game (be it winter, summer, spring) on ​​the roach is the most diverse. I can say one thing: in each case you need to experiment. There have been cases when it is even visually visible that the fish is standing, but not taking. And only having picked up a certain game, it is possible to pull out several tails. Therefore, if the place is promising, you need to linger on this site for at least 15-30 minutes to try different methods of the game, different mormyshki, their colors, and only with the complete absence of bite, you can go to the next site. I always start fishing from a certain distance from the coast, and after 5-10 minutes I can come up by casting a little further. On small rivers, roach often stands literally under the shore, so you should not immediately approach close to the water's edge. Most often, I lower the mormyshka to the bottom, pause for 1-2 seconds, and then slowly raise the tackle about 100 cm from the bottom, constantly playing with the mormyshka. then, as slowly doing the reverse operation. At the moment of separation of the mormyshka from the bottom, the perch is often enough, which is also nice. By the way, with mormyshka you can quite successfully fish from a depth of 20-30 centimeters. With a float, this will be more difficult.

As you can see, fishing in mormyshka (in winter or in open water) is a fascinating activity. I made my choice: almost all year round I’m fishing for mormyshka. Give it a try. All the best to you.