Catfish tackle

The article talks about how to properly set up tackle for catching catfish. What lures are used for catching catfish, and how to choose them correctly. How does the catfish bite?

Catching catfish is interesting and connected not only with the fact that catfish is a strong opponent, but also with the fact that its habits change significantly. Many anglers use various variants of bottom gear to catch catfish, but real professionals prefer fishing for catfish for spinning.

When choosing a spinning rod that will be used to catch catfish, it is important to consider many nuances. So, the tackle should be strong and as elastic as possible. As for the length of the rod, here everything will depend on the fishing conditions, but, according to professionals, the optimal length option is from 1.7 to 2.1 meters.

A spinning reel for catching catfish is set to power, for example, Nevskaya. The main advantage of such a coil is its simple design and ability to withstand heavy loads. As an option, you can consider modern versions of reels, here the most noteworthy are the power models produced by the Cobra company, which, thanks to high-quality friction and reliable construction, are able to cope with strong jerks of caught fish.

When choosing a reel, it is important not to forget about the spaciousness of the spool. To catch catfish weighing more than 20 kg, you should use a fishing line with a cross section of more than 0.5 mm, if you plan to catch larger fish, then you should give preference to fishing line with a diameter of at least 2 mm. It is important that at least 70 meters of fishing line fit on the spool of the reel used to catch the catfish.

One of the important points of the equipment is the hook. It is immediately important to note that it must be sharp and durable. When choosing, preference should be given only to hooks that did not pass hardening during production. Choosing hooks for catfish should only be from options for the manufacture of which a wire with a diameter of more than 2 mm was used. As for the load, its weight is selected based on the strength of the current. The only thing you should pay attention to is its placement. So, a small part of the load is fixed by blind mounting at a distance of 30 cm from the hook, the main part of the load is fixed higher by means of a sliding installation.

As for the bait for catching catfish, here the choice is huge, everything will depend on the time of year. So, in the last days of April and early May, when the catfish is just starting to leave the pits, worms, large live bait or cabbage should be used. From mid-summer, as soon as the sunflower begins to bloom, it is recommended to use a frog, chicken liver, etc. as bait. Regardless of which bait is used, it is important to try to abandon it so that it is exactly at the exit from the pit where the catfish lives.

Catfish bite occurs in three stages. At the first, there is a slight sipping of the fishing line, after which it is allowed to drop and sharply jerk, during which you should not hold the reel with your hand, because if the catfish bites large, there is a risk of damage to the fingers. After biting, you should wait a little time, which will allow the catfish to calm down, and then proceed to vyvazhivaniyu.

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