Crucian feeder in early spring

In the article I will talk about catching crucian carp on a feeder in early spring. Which feeder rods to choose? How and what to equip them with? What to choose bait and bait for fishing in cold water?

It is believed that crucians are very thermophilic fish and it is impossible to catch them in early spring. This opinion is partially true. Lazy pond crucians, wide in the body, really for the most part bask on a silty soft bottom, burying themselves in it, as if wrapping themselves in a blanket, almost all winter. And as an exception, they peck from ice only in very long thaws with a positive temperature. But there is a kind of silver and more carving in the body carp, which are called hybrids, and in the Volga delta - buffalo. These are powerful and active fish that can fight the course of the river and begin to peck in the spring along with bream and sores, at least when the water temperature is about 10-15 degrees. And for the southern regions of our country, such a temperature is not uncommon in early spring. In addition, fishing on the feeder is possible in the channels, as well as in the reservoirs at the nuclear power plant.

Feeder fishing rods

In conditions of strong currents, "heavy artillery" is often used, that is, heavy-class rods or, in some cases, even extra-heavy ones. In addition to the load from a strong current, especially during long casts, the weight of the trough itself has a significant and often prohibitively powerful weight, the weight of which can reach 250 grams. But that’s all, so to speak, the ultimate limits when fishing in extreme conditions. In this case, it is necessary to focus on the possibility of fishing somewhere at the outlet of the tributary, the old woman, in the quiet water around the bend of the river, where the main stream hits the opposite bank. For such purposes, a too coarse fishing rod of a heavy class will not work. Therefore, in preparation for the unpredictable conditions of spring fishing for crucian carp, it is necessary to have a middle class rod in stock - a medium.

Fishing line

Catching crucian carp on a feeder in the early spring on the course is impossible without a good fishing line. But any monofilament fishing line will not withstand the pressure of the stream, and due to its elasticity, it will simply bend downstream with a long arc that will not allow you to determine the bite, that is, it will deprive your sensitivity of sensitivity. Here you need a braided cord, which is devoid of elasticity and perfectly resists the pressure of the flow, as if cutting water. The thickness of the braid is selected according to the fishing conditions, but usually a cord with a diameter of 0.16-0.17 mm is wound on the reel, depending also on the weight of the feeder.

Carp Feeders

For a powerful current, the so-called “cells” are used mainly, that is, the feeders are rectangular and angular. They are best kept on the bottom surface, clinging to irregularities and angles and not so freely moving downstream as other types of feeders. There is a reason to supply the feeders with shock absorbers made of durable rubber like Feeder Gum, which will protect the cord during strong jerks. In addition, before casting a working feeder filled with bait, it will not hurt to make a test cast with an empty feeder. This will determine whether the feeder can stand in one place when the bait is partially or completely washed out of it. What is it for ">

There is one more nuance. You should always remember that a complete feeder is often made almost twice as heavier, which can exceed the feeder test and cause it to break. Then it’s better to take a lighter feeder.

Bait and baits for spring fishing

Before kneading the bait, and this is most often ready-made mixes from Sensas with dips of the same company, you need to find a channel edge. Usually this is achieved by pulling a marker weight on the bottom to resistance and a noticeable rise up. Vegetable baits for catching crucian carp in cold water are rarely used. Usually the most traditional bait is used - worms and maggot, often in a combined form. This is the so-called “ sandwich ”, where maggots are planted on the worm. Of course, bloodworms also belong to the most popular bait, but it is better to tie it for tassels in large carp.

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