Perch in winter

Some notes and thoughts on catching perch in winter.

Winter is coming soon, which means that you can finally get out on the ice and enjoy all the delights of fishing from the ice. It is especially interesting to catch perch on the first ice. There are many reasons for this, but as it seems to me from the main ones, the following can be noted:

1. Perch in the winter pecks well

2. There are perch in almost all reservoirs of the country

3. On the first ice to catch a perch, does not require any special game technique

4. Perch tastes great in fried and ear

It's hard for me to say for everyone, but on the first ice it is the perch that is the subject of my hunt, it is for this fish that I am going to (in advance, exploring interesting places through open water) on the ice. Naturally, the first ice prepares a lot of surprises for the fisherman.

So, the fish at this time is active, low-shy, and the water is saturated with oxygen. At the same time, the mass of larvae and other microorganisms burrows in silt or hides in stems that are still strong, so that it’s difficult for fish to get them. And here you appear, tossing a fresh bloodworm or a spinner. Naturally, bait or spinners will not go unnoticed. In addition to perch on the first ice, you can catch roaches, scrub, bream, pike. Moreover, the nibble of all the representatives listed above will be quite active and will not depend much on the game technique and the angler’s skills (I will tell you more about catching perch in the first article in another article, look here. Now, I would like to talk about winter fishing in general).

As oxygen decreases in water, fishing will become more difficult, and just at this stage you will need to show all your knowledge and skills to stay with the fish. For example, catching perch in January is no longer so easy . We have to shake it, lure, using a dozen different mormyshek and game techniques. It often happens that the perch is definitely standing, but not pecking. And no matter what the fisherman does, the result will be the same: an empty cage. This is winter, and to unravel all its secrets is not so simple, although it has already been written about it quite a lot. Practice shows that not everything that is written by professionals will work on an ordinary body of water, in addition, fish bites differently in different regions. Yes, much more can be said.

Winter perch fishing

Since we are talking about the winter perch, it should be noted that they usually catch it with mormyshka, then there is the winter bauble and balance weight, float tackle, and exotic - catching perch on live bait.

When installing tackle on live bait, remember that pike or pike perch can catch on for a treat. From the common that unites all these gear, we can call a fishing line. I catch perch in the winter on a fishing line no more than 0.1 mm. This is enough, although in some cases you can successfully fish in a thicker forest.

Mormyshki - here the choice is only yours and ... for the fish - you need to experiment. Sometimes a perch normally eats a droplet of mormyshka, sometimes it eats an ant, and sometimes it pecks at a little devil or other modifications.

The fishing rod can be anything, the main thing is that you are comfortable. The only thing, if you are fishing for a spoon, it’s more convenient to take a fishing rod of about 40-50 cm, and set a spring nod (the condition is not necessary, but it makes life easier for the fisherman).

It is highly advisable to add a few woolen red threads to the mormyshka and spinner - perch likes this. (About what to do when the winter bait loses the game, read here)

Nods can be both metal and dacron. The main requirement for nods is that they are adjustable in length and not “tan” in the cold.

In winter, as a rule, they begin to search for perch at the bottom, but do not forget that sometimes its accumulations can be observed literally under the ice, apparently there it collects larvae attached to the ice and other animals.

How do I catch mormyshka

I catch the mormyshka like this: lower the mormyshka to the bottom, from about 10-20 seconds just tap the mormyshka on the bottom, then raise it 1-3 cm above the bottom and start playing (the amplitude of the game is selected experimentally), then raise the mormyshka another 20-30 centimeters - I play. If there is no bite, lower the mormyshka to the bottom, and repeat again. Before fishing, it is advisable to immediately make from the heels of the holes and catch in them alternately.

Only after that, you can move to a new place and continue fishing.

Catching perch on a spinner with a balancer

It is interesting to catch perch in the winter and on a spinner with a balancer. Perch can catch the bait both on the rise and on the fall. Sometimes the bite feels like a sharp blow to the hand, sometimes it just feels heavy. It is not worthwhile to hook a perch strongly, as it has weak lips, and the trophy may simply come off due to your active actions. If one perch is caught from the hole, it means that somewhere there is a flock and this place needs to be caught. In winter, in this regard, all the maps are revealed to the fisherman, since you can get to the most interesting place on the ice.

Winter perch fishing

You can’t say much about float fishing for perch, since it differs little from the winter float rod. It must be remembered that in the absence of a bite on the float, tackle can be played like a jigsaw - movement provokes a perch to attack. Of the bait for a float fishing rod, it is best to use a worm or bloodworm. Currently, there are not many fishermen who catch perch in the winter on a float, most often it comes across by chance when catching other types of fish.

Searches for the perch

And most importantly, perch in the winter to look for. If you have made several holes, half in each and there is no bite, in order to use time more efficiently it is better to move to a new place and catch there. A winter day is short, so perch fishing involves frequent movement and many holes. It would be enough strength ...

Try it, all the best to you.

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