Surprise on the balancer

Our small river above the city is quite narrow. But it has black holes with leisurely swirling water. In these whirlpools there may be a depth of more than five meters, and the river is only twenty meters wide.

It's December

I got hunting skis, which means that I got the opportunity to go through snowy meadows and white forest snowdrifts to the river, breaking through the track. No sooner said than done. Soon, on a quiet winter morning, I crunched in the snow with new skis. Chirps after forty, as if from a Kalashnikov, scattered in bursts, she echoes the sonorous voice of a raven who has withdrawn from the dead wood. I alarmed the forest. Apparently, neither a skier nor a fisherman came here for a long time. Yes, that is right. There is not even an old ski track. Only immaculately clean snow-white all around.

Surprise on the balancer

In the morning I walked along our city river, drilling and checking holes with new mormyshki-nails. But either the day did not succeed with the change of weather to windy and sunny, or our small river has not yet woken up from hibernation, but there was no bite. It all ended with the fact that, moving away from the purity of the experiment, I began to plant a head on the nail balls, little by little, only. But this was already “unclean work, ” as Osia Bender used to say in the opus of Ilf and Petrov. However, this did not bring any result. Having spat on such a thing, he firmly decided to carry out the following tests of new mormyshka on the Volga, and not here, in the city river, where capricious snobs and minions of civilization live - local perches and roaches. After all, there is, there is fish here! .. And I caught pikes on vents weighing five kilos, someone got bigger here from the holes of toothy beauties, and measured perches and breams came across. What are they not taking here on the ice? Yes, early, early, winter is still in full swing, and according to the latest information, people recently spent a day on the Volga Island because of five ruffs. But still, as they say, it was believed and wanted ... But you have to go home without seeing a bite.

Okay, I’ll have time to get home. It is necessary to check the perch places near the reeds in the bay. Not so long ago there were perches there, and not only live bait category. But this time the reeds also got small perches, moreover, completely ignoring the incessant mormyshki-nails, and the devils and goats. And they pecked, striped, only on the classic condo-side-by-side mormysks, consisting of two halves, where the upper one is made of polished brass and the lower one is made of tin. It is clear that with the bloodworm these mormyshki were used. When tired of pulling the perches, I decided to step aside, where in the summer behind the muffin of water lilies, a depth of up to eight meters immediately began. There he decided to rinse medium-sized balancers. And right away - hap! .. Pike, well, a little thing for a kilo of two hundred, if by eye. But he didn’t wait at all. Here you can’t always catch a pike at the same time at the time, it turns out that you scolded your nearby small river in vain. The mistake came out ...

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