Unexpected catch - ide on live bait

When fishing, sometimes completely unexpected things happen. For example, you are set to catch one fish, and suddenly you catch not at all what the tackle was preparing for. Are you surprised. Although everything is natural. I just did not know much, having little contact with wildlife.

When I was when I was, I caught pike in the small forest river on the vents of the pit. It was in September . I didn’t bother with gear. I cut the fishing line about five meters. I wound it on wooden flyers cut right there on the shore from hazel. He tied single hooks No. 10, threaded a sinker - a sliding olive. Instead of a stopper, so that the sinker does not fall on the live bait, 15 cm from the hook firmly planted a lead pellet, clamping it with his teeth.

As live bait, he used minnows, which he caught on a sandbank. Sometimes a small cocktail hooked for a change. A two-meter stick, on which a zergel was suspended, stuck into the ground at an angle of 45 degrees and crowned the whole structure.

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The river was abundant

I checked the girders three times a day: in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. One or two pikes steadily hit ten of my homemade tackles per day. The fish was not large, mostly weighing up to two kilograms. But it suited me quite well, as it was difficult to remove a large pike because of snags and grassy thickets.

Somehow, because of a large fish caught on a hook, which entangled the fishing line in the snag, I had to undress and climb into the water. But in the end, the pike still came off, breaking the leash. A kilogram squint I boldly pulled even without landing net. But this is not about them.

Once, while checking the vents, I, to my great amazement, pulled out a hefty ide. As it turned out later, he weighed more than two kilograms. And, while fighting, he set the heat for me. It seemed that the tackle could not stand these powerful jerks. Making "candles", the red-haired handsome man completely jumped out of the water. Taking it in a landing net and taking it ashore, I lit a cigarette and looked with interest at the unexpected prey. He made me worried. Even his hands trembled. All my life I thought that ide was a peaceful fish, and on you ... I grabbed onto live bait.

There were chubs in the river

Everything was clear with them. These are predators, the fry are often chased. Sometimes, you pull out a fishing rod when fishing in the wiring, the float drags along the surface of the water. And the chubs throw at him, mistaking for a small fish. But the ide fell on me for the first time. The friend present at this was also surprised. And, as it turned out, in vain.

Two days later, the story repeated. And another major ide straight from the river hit his ear.

Later, I read in a fishing journal that a large ide, like a chub, would not mind eating small fish. But then, while fishing, it seemed strange to me. By the way, this did not end there. The river managed to surprise again.

The vacation was over, having collected the ventricles, I went home. But next weekend, my friend and I returned to this forest river with spinning rods. From morning to dinner, I took only two small squint. Buddy is out of luck. He had several exits, but the pike did not take, but simply accompanied his fashionable twisters. I myself caught the grandfather "uralochka", considering this "hesitation" in the autumn the best lure.

A fire was arranged for lunch. They warmed the stew, boiled tea. And again they went our separate ways, looking for fishing happiness. While catching a familiar whirlpool, I threw a lure near a snag sticking out of the water. A jerk followed. And a kilogram pike migrated from the water to my backpack. Having walked about five meters along the shore, he again threw the spoon in the same place. Do you want to - believe it or not - but again a powerful bite happened. The spinning rod bent into an arc. Another pike, I thought, spinning the reel. But a silver fish suddenly flew out of the water. And it was not a chub. He took the prey in the landing net. After a moment, a large ide, staring at my old "uralochka", huddled, flashing its sides, in the coastal grass. Wow. On medium sized metal lure caught by a tramp. As they say: obvious, but incredible. I will add that I never caught this fish again for spinning. Chubs fell, but ides didn’t.

So, I was convinced from personal experience that ide is a predatory fish. And then someone will tell you at your leisure - and you won’t believe it.

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