Nozzles for roaches in winter

The article tells what plant tips can be used to catch roaches in winter. How to properly prepare a fishing head. What and how to use additives during winter roach fishing.


In winter, you can catch roach quite successfully on plant tips, but on condition that they are correctly selected. The most affordable and common vegetable nozzle is dough, which is based on wheat flour. It is important to note that the bait for winter fishing should be nutritious, so additives must be added to the main composition. So when preparing the dough, you should add a little additional product, which contains vegetable and animal proteins. The test recipe, which is prepared for summer fishing, may not work in winter or show poor results. Winter dough should be nutritious, only then it can become interesting for roaches.


As for additives, you can use: dried cream, milk powder, olive oil, mayonnaise, chocolate, sugar, cocoa, condensed milk, etc. It is important to note that adding the additive to the dough should be in small quantities, if you overdo it with the additive during the preparation of the dough, the effectiveness of the bait may deteriorate somewhat.


There is no specific way to prepare the dough, since each separately selected additive may work differently under specific conditions. Therefore, in order to accurately guess what kind of additive should be used, it is recommended to ask local fishermen who, in addition to this information, can tell a lot of other interesting things that you will surely find useful during fishing.

Aroma nozzles

In winter, water is much cleaner than in summer, which contributes to a more rapid spread of aromas. Therefore, it is not recommended to use additives in large quantities, especially with pungent odors, as this can scare away fish from the place of fishing. Add the dough to the dough gradually and better if it is done on a separate small piece.


The dough can be stored in a medical syringe, which also makes it easy to change the nozzle. The syringe with the contents should be stored in the inner pocket of the jacket and make sure that the contents do not freeze.

Cream cheese

In addition to dough in winter, roach can be successfully caught on processed cheese. However, it should immediately be said that the main drawback of this bait is the difficulty of hooking. But this drawback of the bait is compensated by its effectiveness. It is worth noting that it is on cheese that there is a high probability that you will be able to catch trophy roaches. Try to catch roach with the help of tackle, it is effective in winter and summer.

All other existing options for vegetable nozzles such as: bread, barley, oatmeal, etc. In winter, they bring not important results and it is better to put them off until the summer.

We advise you to read about fishing roaches in winter with fishing tackle.

Good luck and all the best.

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