Asp in the spring

Asp is a beautiful and lively fish, which can rightfully be called the most effective hunter of ponds and, in combination, one of the most desired trophies of a spinning player. Asp hunting is an exciting, prey and very athletic activity. After all, to catch asp should be in compliance with all the elements inherent in this hunt.

If you are going to catch asp in spring in the spring, you should remember that, despite the post-spawning famine, turbidity and noisiness of the river, asp is a cautious riding fish with excellent eyesight and hearing. One wrong step, excess noise on the shore can spoil fishing at the very beginning. In preparation for fishing, everything should be thought out. Firstly, the fisherman’s clothes should be of a protective color, and secondly, polarizing glasses will be an important addition. In many cases, they allow the angler to consider the "opponent" even before the start of the bout. And, of course, we should not forget that in spring it is still fresh on the river bank.

Tackle for asp

As for the tackle, they prefer to choose “fast” fishing rods of a “fast” system with a length of 2.7-3 m with a test range of up to 40 g for asp fishing. This combination of characteristics allows you to make accurate long casts, which largely determines the success of all fishing. It is advisable to pick up a coil with a large diameter bobbin. The gear ratio does not play a decisive role. And to save money, most anglers catch reels with a standard ratio. The large diameter of the spool allows you to increase the casting range and less twists the line. But the course of the coil should be easy.

What to reel on a spool: monofilament or braid is a personal matter of the angler (their comparison is here). But the fact that it is much more convenient to use a brightly colored fluorescent fishing line is an indisputable fact. When riding a horse, the course of the bait with such fishing line is much easier to control.


What to offer asp as a bait is also a personal matter of the fisherman. The fact is that in the spring the asp successfully reacts to everything, including the vibrotail. According to many anglers, the asp is as careful as it is stupid. This stupidity of his is manifested in the desire of the fish to chase any moving object that comes into view, the main thing is that the fisherman believes in the bait and correctly offers it to the fish. But still, the most popular oscillating baubles with a weight range of 10 to 25 g, and it is not necessary that a larger chub bite on a larger bauble.

Running wobblers with a sweeping game and silver color have proven themselves very well. Of course, it’s more convenient to use floating models. They can be let downstream straight asp "under the nose."

Where to look for asp in spring

Once in the pond, it is advisable to observe the fish from a distance. This means that it is completely unnecessary to approach close to the shore, and in most cases it is even harmful (remember the asp is careful). The characteristic habitats of this fish are clearly visible from afar. These are all kinds of whirlpools, fender jets, the boundaries of the current and still water, jets behind fallen trees. In general, the more noise and confusion in the behavior of water - the greater the likelihood of standing asp.

Very often the asp itself finds its presence with characteristic bursts. True, they are little similar to the "asp battle" described in the literature. Rather, these are fish throws along the very border of water and air with sharp turns and turns.

Fishing tactics

Having discovered the asp in the spring by bursts or choosing the place of its possible parking, it should be thrown upstream. This is due to the biological feature of the behavior of fish in the course (it is known to always stand head against the stream of water). And if you serve the bait in this way, it will be detected much faster.

In order for the asp to peck in the spring, it is enough to make three to five entries. And if the treasured bite does not happen, then without regret you can move to another place.

About asp bite can be composed hymns. In terms of emotionality, she takes first place among others. The most powerful first blow always happens unexpectedly. If you do not hold the rod tightly, there is a chance of dropping it. Friction clatter, then powerful jerks upstream, and sometimes spray fountains accompany the entire survival process. It usually lasts a few minutes. But at such moments, time seems to stop, and it seems that an eternity has passed, but this makes the trophy even more expensive.

Best time to catch asp

Asp is spawning very early. Almost after the pike and ide. In time, this coincides with the moment of the complete cleansing of the river from floating ice. Spawning itself is short. For some two to three days, the bulk of the fish is released from the eggs and immediately begins to actively feed. An interesting feature was noticed: the closer May is, the smaller the asp. The largest specimens are usually found from April 10 to 20.

By time of day, the most favorable is morning. Firstly, the morning bite itself is much better than the evening one, and secondly, the likelihood that this place has not yet been "combed" increases.

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