Go fishing with a beginner - "In search of adventure"

What happens when I decided to take a beginner fisherman with me for fishing, who had been preparing for this for a very long time?

Probably, each fisherman with experience has comrades, friends, acquaintances, in a word, people who are part of your circle and with some degree of constancy, or even just annoyingly asking you to take them for fishing? Is there anyway?

It would seem, what’s the problem, took it, and that’s it. Everyone wants to join the great mystery of fishing and the great power of Nature. This is so, and it would be all right, but one day I took a colleague in the army service with me for winter fishing, and this fishing ended my colleague's desire for fishing and nature. The most amazing thing is that until this day I regularly brought from Oak pike and large perches, there was a quiet soft thaw, everything was perfect. But as soon as we went fishing with a comrade, when the north wind blew, it got colder, the fish stopped taking. During the day, I caught only one shurenk and gave it to a shy comrade. As it happens and can be presented further in a short story.

... When the working week ends, as viscous as rubber, and from the computer monitor it begins to ripple in the eyes, it is best to pack somewhere far away from the city. Suppose - fishing. And if you take with you as a partner a “teapot" who throughout the year asked to take it with you, then vivid impressions are provided. And now it's Friday night. The phone regrets the calls of an excited comrade. His questions are striking in their childlike spontaneity: what to take with you to eat, what to dress for, take vodka with you or not "> But still ahead.

After warm friendly words addressed to a friend, you again fish. Only ... at a distance from a friend. Meanwhile, he asks you to put a worm on his hook. Then - again, and again ... You break the rod and smoke nervously. But smoking does not work for a long time, since you have to pull out your partner from the water, who climbed into the water to look at the frogs. He never saw them, because he lived and slept at the computer.

In the evening, you prepare the fish soup from those perches that you managed to catch, and the frogs that your friend managed to catch. A French ear gurgles in a bowler hat, frogs croak, Luna gazes intently into the bowler hat and purses her lips, holding back a laugh. Well ... The cork creaks on the thread, sparks from the fire sparkle in a transparent "little white". Drooling. Well, for fishing! Then your comrade takes an uncertain step through the fire and gets up into the pot with his ear, at the same time overturning the “little white” to the side ... The earth hastily absorbs the contents of the bottle, burping lusciously in the end. Remembering all the relatives and great-grandfathers of your comrade, you are going to the village for moonshine. In the village they give you a neck, then the dogs tear your pants, then you buy moonshine, and for a long time you sing gloomy songs by the fire. You can’t sleep because you are awakened by the heart-rending cry of a burning friend. He falls once more into the fire and jumps into the water. After drinking moonshine, you are trying to sleep, but wake up already from the loud voice of your friend. Swinging from side to side, he recounts the news to Timbuktu, the dollar and toilet paper prices. From time to time, he taps his fingers in an empty bowler hat, depicting a tambourine and a shaman, overeating fly agaric. A companion from the village moonshine on chicken litter started a delirium tremens.

Joyful and pleased you are returning home. You had a good rest and had fun.

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