Perch in the bay

Perch in the bay, the article describes one of the morning fishing in the summer flood.

So finally came the summer that they had been waiting for. True, they say it didn’t come for long. Then again the rains promise and hail. But on the other hand, the sun shines for several days in a row and there is heat, which has not yet become hell. But what summer is without hot days?

Meanwhile, the rumors that are spreading around the local fishing sites are not very joyful. The fish does not take. And not only on small rivers and ponds, but also on the Volga. What does she want? The sun is shining, the pressure is normal, even, the wind is south and west. It would seem that everything favors cool. There are, of course, doubts associated with the abundance of water, but almost a week has passed after heavy rains and “drizzlers”. Everything should already be normal.

As they say, we believe that God disposes. Early in the morning he got up on the alarm clock, was transported, as usual, and was late to the early dawn. But, having come out with a spinning rod to the river, he did not recognize her, usually calm and quiet, dozing in reeds and water lilies, leisurely carrying warm mirror water to the awakening city. This morning the river was evil-agitated, hasty, overflowing with dirty water almost under the very edge of the banks. Apparently in the upper reaches it still rains or the whole mass of water that has spilled over the past long bad weather has not yet gone. But even unwinding spinning did not skillfully make sense. Who will take on a strong and dirty stream of almost spring river flow? And the feeder is hardly useful here. I also took it with me for reconnaissance.

It makes sense to check the city reservoir, which is located downstream. And here I am already in place. Here the situation is different. The water is noticeably cleaner, although its level is clearly higher than usual, which can be seen from the flooded fishing willow flyers sticking out in places under water near sedge bunches. And further, closer to the middle, sticks, boards, bushes, grass going down are visible, that is, everything that was washed away by high water from the banks. To my shore, the current becomes reverse. I did not take the boat, and there is nowhere to catch a spinning rod from the shore here. The entire coastline is in reeds and sedge, and then thickets of yellow lily - water lilies - stretch in a thick wide strip.

I throw the feeder. Soon the quivertype swayed and a small scammer huddled on the fishing line. Of course, also not bad, but again a trifle, no heavier than three hundred grams. Then two more such scammers came across, and everything froze completely, at least get ready for home.

But what is it "> turntables." Empty. I’m checking wobblers and mini-jigs. The same story. Yes, it seems to me that today is not lucky.

For the purity of the experiment, I take out a carbon flywheel rod, plant an ordinary dung worm and throw it to a flock of yellow-eyed water lilies. At first, the float sways thoughtfully at the bud of a water lily, and then, as if deciding something for itself, it suddenly swims quickly to the side, without even plunging into water. Ruler? Him is the place in this muddy backwater, where frogs croak and bubbles float from the muddy bottom. But it really hurts a decisive bite. In the middle of summer, a tench would have “procrastinated” the worm for half an hour.

Suddenly, the float dived into the water and a weighty perch huddled on the fishing line. Such in the middle of summer and spinning would fit. So in a quiet creek and I caught a good perch on a regular float fishing rod and a worm on a hook (in detail about catching perch in the summer).

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