Tackle perch in the summer

There are already quite a lot of gear and lures for catching a fanged predator, but the process of improving and constructing new tackles and lures continues, as modern fish are becoming more experienced and “tricky”. Experience comes to her at the genetic level with each new generation, where in previous generations some of the fish fell into the tricks of the fishermen and the hook, but was safely released or released according to the principle of fishing athletes - caught-let go. Therefore, the tackle is becoming more complex, sophisticated, sophisticated and quite expensive. Much, of course, is done by the hands of the fishermen themselves, who in Russia are inventive and resourceful.

But all the same, the equipment of a spinning player catching zander can be called expensive

First of all, expenses are for fishing rods for fishing pike perch with a spinning rod, inertialess reels, as well as for a braided cord. For catching pike perch in a way trolling costs even more. There already happens to be a dispensing coil. A good bobbin reel with a fishing line counter is required. In addition, for more efficient fishing you need two outboard motors. One is for fishing itself, and the second is more powerful - to quickly get to the chosen place, where, for example, a catchy edge was found the day before. In addition to all that, a high-quality echo sounder is required.

Perch fishing

To catch a fanged predator in the plumb line, which is often more productive fishing than spinning, you will need a water parachute or a water sail, or a floating anchor. This device has many names, but the water brake is probably more accurate. This device is necessary for fishing in a plumb bob with an alloy so that the drift speed is small. Such a water brake is also useful for a spinning player if he wants to catch a large area of ​​the reservoir in motion. This will allow him to find a catchy point at random, and then stop and drop a real anchor to the bottom (Anchor for a boat - pvc, hull, rubber).

Jig fishing

Of the methods of catching zander, the most popular and effective method is the method of fishing for fangs with jig lures, which are relatively inexpensive and catchy among other lures for catching zander. Twisters, rippers, vibro-tails, foam fish can be called a consumable when compared with brand vibrating, spinning lures and wobblers. At the same time, soft baits made of edible rubber, despite the relatively low price, can be called the most effective in catching zander, especially in spring and autumn. A feature of soft baits made of edible rubber can be called their salt content, which attracts all predators, as well as a tangible smell, which is called the smell of shrimp, cancer, mackerel, salmon. It is difficult to say how much these simulations correspond to the natural smells mentioned above, but the pike perch actively reacts to these baits from edible rubber, often repeating attacks even after a miss. Edible rubber also works at the level of smell, which makes the bait twice as attractive to the predator, often forcing him to forget about caution.

Foam fish stand apart

These are generally the cheapest of soft baits. You can make them yourself from a simple household sponge in different colors or purchase them in a factory version. Particularly effective foams without tails. These nimble baits provoke zander to attack with their nimble game, which has several stages. Even being already at the bottom, the foam rubber, thanks to a flat sinker, which falls from the edge onto the plane, makes the final phase of the game, twisting curved and laying down to the bottom. But here, the foam rubber fish will not lie calmly at the bottom. Held by a sinker, it will fluctuate over the bottom and even in this case can cause a bite of pike perch.

Pike perch on oscillating and rotating spinners

Oscillating and spinning lures are expensive baits, but you can’t do without them in the summer heat, especially during night fishing for zander, when the predator goes to the braids and shallows behind the rifts and at the exits from the pits. Narrow oscillations are used here and under bushes along the coast - “turntables” of the long type.


Wobblers, like the most expensive lures, are also the most successful, especially deep-sea wobblers during trolling.