How to darken a lure

An article on how to darken it is easy to darken a bait directly on a fishing trip.

As you know, the color of the spinners plays an important role in the effectiveness of fishing. Very often, fishermen arriving at a reservoir do not know how clear the water is in it. You need to know this for the proper selection of lures. Indeed, in muddy water it is advisable to catch on bright baits, and in transparent water the baubles of dark colors are best manifested. The following describes how to darken a spoon.

To do this, you need the bauer itself and the source of the smoky flame. It can be an ordinary candle. Although some effect can be achieved using matches.

In order to darken the lure, it must be held above the candle flame. When paraffin is burned, a lot of soot is secreted, which settles on the bait. It is best to hold the lure with pliers or, for example, a fishing clip. This will not allow your hands to burn on hot metal.

The lure is kept in flame until a black coating appears. It is advisable not to expose the hooks to heating; this may adversely affect their strength.

The soot on the spinner holds well. But after several casts will have to re-apply it. You can smoke as oscillating baubles, and the petals of rotating baits. Such a dimming of the bait can save the fisherman, from lack of bite.

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