Spawning pike

The article tells about pike spawning, temporary features and pike fishing at this time.

Pike is one of the most famous predatory fish that live in fresh waters. The time of its spawning is diverse, depending on the type of reservoir in which it lives, and weather conditions. In the headwaters of large rivers, the very first pike spawns, and in lakes where the ice has melted for a very long time, the last. During spawning, a ban on catching this fish is announced. It lasts from late February to late April.

Pike prefers to spawn in shallow water, in the confined places of a reservoir, in areas inaccessible to humans. This is due to the fact that during this period the pike loses caution, does not respond to extraneous stimuli, and does not bite. Stealthily picking up, a person can even watch the game of fish in shallow water.

Under these conditions, poachers often hunt pike in an attempt to obtain pike caviar. It is considered a delicacy, as its taste is comparable to salmon and sturgeon caviar. Some time ago it was even called royal. They catch pike during the spawning season in different ways: net, crimson. But hunting fish at this time is considered a crime.

To spawn, the pike goes to sites quite distant from its permanent habitat. Individuals move in small groups, in which about four males per one female fish. They all have approximately the same size.

Spawning time also depends on the age of the fish. The first to spawn is the smallest pike that has reached puberty. The age of such a fish is usually three years, and its size is about 30 cm. Then, larger individuals spawn. The largest fish spawn last, they are able to lay more than 150 thousand eggs. Caviar can be up to one fifth of the weight of the fish.

Spawning begins when the water temperature rises to 8 degrees. The fry emerge from the laid eggs after 10 days. They live in thickets of vegetation of a reservoir, feed on worms and crustaceans. The fry grow very quickly.

At the end of spawning, the pike comes the time when it pecks on any nozzle, bait and bait. This period is called spring zhor. Fishing at this time is a pleasure. In addition, given the characteristics of spawning, the time of which depends on the size of the fish, it is easy to determine when it is possible to catch the largest individuals. The zhor lasts for about two weeks. But hunting pike at this time is not allowed, since the spring ban applies to fishing.

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