Cheap bait for fishing zander

We choose inexpensive and catchy bait for catching zander. Soft jig baits, foam fish, heavy swinging baits and cookmaster.

For the summer fishing of pike perch by inventive fishermen and designers of fishing companies, so many varied gears and lures have been invented that it is hardly possible to mention all of them. And, I must say, the equipment of a spinning player - a hunter for a fanged predator - often costs serious money. Particularly high costs are for good rods, high-quality braided cord and spinning reels. Some baits are not cheap, especially wobblers for trolling.

Soft Jig Lures

The most popular and, one might say, budget ones include soft jig baits, which are often the main ones in the arsenal of anglers. Many colors and shapes, smells and tastes of modern jig silicone edible rubber baits made silicone tricks very attractive for pike perch. Especially he actively hunts for twisters, vibro-tails, baits such as Hogi Hog and worms made of edible rubber. Often, even having missed, this predator does not throw the bait and continues its furious attacks on it.

Foam Fishes

Among the very productive and at the same time relatively inexpensive baits are foam fish. Moreover, there is freedom for creativity, since the angler with some experience and skills can make catchy foam fish with his own hands. All you need is a sharp knife and the foam itself. Coloring water-repellents will also be needed. The size and shape of the bait can be taken by a master-craftsman from catalogs of successful foam sponges, but nothing prevents him from inventing his artificial fish either. And you can equip baits with the help of doubles or single offset offset hooks connected on a flexible suspension with Cheburash sinkers.

Foam fish, like silicone baits, are rather fragile . And after several attacks, predators can lose their beautiful initial appearance. However, the loss of home-made foam rubber fish will not be as critical as the loss of an expensive wobbler or spinners. In addition, the foam rubber can be slightly strengthened and made stronger . First of all, the tail of the bait suffers from the teeth of zander. To strengthen the body of the bait, you need to cut two halves of the fish according to the finished metal pattern, preferably of different color foam, then skip the strong braid in the center and glue the halves with Moment glue, which has water-repellent properties. After such a modernization, the bait will become strong in terms of the strength of the braided cord passed inside the bait. True, the material of foam rubber will suffer from the teeth of a predator, but the main thing is that the shape of the fish will be preserved . And the bait will last much longer than without reinforcement from the cord.

Feature game foam rubber fish

Despite the simplicity and cheapness, foam fish are meanwhile unique in game and activity baits, which often in the summer can furnish any other baits made by well-known companies and quite expensive in terms of performance. A feature of the game of foam rubber fish is briskness and high activity. In this case, the foam is able to play even without wiring, but only by the pressure of the current. When the weight lies at the bottom, the foam fish does not remain motionless, but sensitively reacts to the currents of water and plays, as if it were an exhausted living fry. This makes the foam rubber very productive on pause during step wiring.

Foam fish has one more plus. It is also distinguished by the presence of an additional game during the fall of the bait to the bottom. If other lures with a stone fall down, then the foam on a flat lentil sinker also turns and manages to wave its tail while the flat weight falls on its side. In addition, the foam rubber fish becomes a good catch if the double-hook stings are firmly pressed to the body of the bait. When the pike perch compresses its powerful jaws, the foam will bend freely and give way to the sharp stings of the double.

Heavy Oscillating Lures

In the range of relatively inexpensive and effective baits, you can put heavy oscillating spinners, which work especially well on bottom dumps in late autumn. Moreover, under certain conditions, a regular castmaster can become a catchy vibe.

Narrow and light shakers are often the main lures in night fishing for zander during the summer heat.