Before fishing, home experiments

What is desirable to do at home, before going out to fish on ice, is important for beginners.

Why do you think many fishermen, even with more than one year of experience in winter fishing, again and again encounter difficulties in fishing and lack of bite? The rhetorical question, I agree. But often, it is not the fish that is “to blame” for not biting, but the lack of skills of the fisherman. Indeed, in the winter, even with the right place, with the proper setting of gear and providing the whole list of bait and nozzles, you can never see a normal bite. The thing is that in winter it is important to be able to attract fish. This is especially true when fishing with jigsaw. A lot of books have been written about how to play mormyshka correctly. Every now and then I meet in magazines beautiful photographs of mormysheks, reports from fishing trips, and advertising articles about gear. But, all this will be completely useless if you still don’t know how to play mormyshka correctly. Moreover, to master several tricks of the game, so that "conjuring" over the hole, to be sure that you are doing everything to catch the fish. This is called fishing and finding fish; it is a real struggle.

And the most interesting thing is that in the literature for decades, various methods of the game have been and have been printed, as if a beginner and a practicing fisherman will be able to understand and master the technique in such a simple way. The thing is that the best effect when learning to play with an mormyshka and own a winter fishing rod can be achieved at home, and not in a pond. That’s exactly what I’m doing. To do this, you need to take a regular three-liter jar, pour water and, sitting quietly on a chair, begin to experiment. The advantage of this method is obvious:

1. Mormyshka is visible

2. At home, you can slowly evaluate all aspects of the game visually

3. Home training allows you to remember the position of the nod with a different arrangement of mormyshka: at the bottom, when rising from the bottom, in the water column

All these observations make it possible already on the pond not to experiment and not to guess about the intricacies of gear settings, but to enjoy fishing peacefully, as the main work has already been done at home. So, an ordinary three-liter jar (by the way, you can also take a 10-liter bottle from drinking water for these purposes) and 20-30 minutes of home time can be of great help to both a novice fisherman and the luminaries of winter fishing, for which fishing in winter became already part of life.

In addition, in a can from under the water, you can observe how a mormyshka behaves in water with a bloodworm and beads, which also gives a general idea of ​​how the tackle behaves in ice-covered large water.

All the best to you.

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