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In the article I will tell you about Volzhanka gear. Are they in demand among our and foreign fishermen. What products are produced.

We are somehow used to the fact that imported fishing tackle is a standard and a sample of high-quality fishing products. And, if money allows, we strive to buy fishing rods, reels, fishing line, hooks of famous foreign companies. And there is an explanation for this, if you recall the sets of anglers with fishing lines and hooks for crocodiles and fishing rods, sticks, which were recently sold in our stores. But, it seems, a lot has changed with the advent of the domestic company Volzhanka.


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History of Volzhanka

The history of Volzhanka began in 2001. And this is a worthy story of a domestic company developing and producing high-quality spinning rods, reels and other fishing products on its own, where there are high-quality models of a budget class and models of higher categories that use the most modern materials and technologies. The development of the PPM Technology Center of this company has become a reliable source for many Russian wholesale companies and ordinary fishermen to replenish their arsenals of fishing tackle. In addition, the Volzhanka trademark had the opportunity to offer its products in the countries of Scandinavia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, having registered in 2011 abroad and competing worthy with manufacturers of similar fishing products from these countries. And fishermen from abroad increasingly prefer reliable and inexpensive gear of this company.


Fishing rods of the Volzhanka brand increasingly began to be included in the tackle sets of Russian floaters, becoming truly popular because of reliability and workmanship at a very reasonable price.

Volzhanka’s feeders began to acquire the most famous Russian fishermen-athletes, since a number of different high-class models for any fishing conditions are provided for their choice. This has already been appreciated by many champions and ordinary amateur fishers.

Volzhanka’s Russian reels are highly reliable and unpretentious to harsh and often extreme fishing conditions. A sort of Kalashnikov assault rifle in the version of fishing tackle. The lines of these reels are constantly updated and developed for various requests, up to sea fishing.

Speaking about the spinning rods of this brand, one cannot but notice the growing popularity of these tackles not only among Russian fishermen, but also among their colleagues from foreign countries. Spinning rods occupy an important and extensive niche among the fishing products that Volzhanka designs and manufactures.

This company also manufactures many trifles that are necessary and important for any angler, namely: high-quality fishing hooks, swivels, fasteners, floats . And all this at an affordable price, which is very important for the still poor Russian fisherman.

Ledobur Nero

The Nero ice drill is becoming a bestseller for Volzhanka. These ice drills can easily cope with ice of any thickness and structure, since they have models in the telescopic version and are also equipped with high-quality knives. Moreover, when these knives are installed on other ice drills of domestic production, even the poorest and most obsolete ice drill starts to work, as if starting a new life.

Undoubtedly, a very important factor is that Volzhanka is a Russian company, which means spinning rods, reels, rods and other gear are made specifically for the conditions of Russian fishing. At the same time, the development of new models is being done taking into account the wishes of fishermen and athletes, which allows timely technological changes to be made in the construction and design of gear. A direct dialogue with fishers helps create new and better fishing products.

Opinions and assessments of fishermen about Volzhanka

Some of Volzhanka’s products are produced in Russia, and some are now abroad. Ledobur Nero is made in Rostov the Great at one of the company's facilities.

Opinions and evaluations of Volzhanka products are different as always. Some people think that it is better to overpay and purchase gear of well-known foreign companies, in particular, Shimano, they say, the class of our rods and feeders is still lower. Others claim that they pay extra money only for a well-known foreign brand, and the overpayment is significant. And still others have been using Volzhanka gear for more than one year, considering them reliable, inexpensive, and similar in class to their foreign counterparts.

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