Perch on a Leash

In fact, no, probably gear is easier and more effective than a retractable leash. Why is the leash so effective? How to make a leash. Effective bait for a retractable leash.

For perch fishing, the most common are classical perch lures: spinners, wobblers, silicone baits, poppers.

Spinning lures

Of spinning lures, small baits of Aglia Mepps and Aglia Long of zero and first numbers are more often used. Long type turntables have a characteristic game due to an elongated petal and, under certain conditions, work very smoothly and subtlely. But most often the classic Mepps are used. There are exceptions when even small perch ignores miniature “turntables” and prefers larger spinners, for example, Blue Fox No. 4. Probably, the external black coloring of such spinners conceals the size of the bait, leaving aggressively bright spots and gold on the inside of the spinner. Perch is often very recklessly grabs these baits, being not even bigger than a palm.

Silicone bait

Various silicone baits are not inferior in performance, where small twister and vibro-tail play a leading role. Often perches are taken with more readiness on these baits than on various “turntables”, but things are not going smoothly here: gambling “sailors” often tear off the delicate silicone tails of these baits.

But this all applies to the period favorable for fishing, when the perch is active and persistent in the hunt for small fish and fry.

Retractable leash

It is worth steadily cooling, which is not uncommon in the summer, when perch almost ceases to be taken on all of the listed baits. And here the so-called bypass leash often helps out. In fact, there is probably no tackle easier and more effective than a retractable leash, which combines the technology of spinning and running donkey. Nevertheless, despite its simplicity, in combination with modern edible rubber baits, such equipment often brings all the prey, since edible rubber attracts fish with its taste and smell, like bait. The diverting leash is also a lifesaver for a spinning rookie, since no special wiring is required here, and the process of playing the bait is free fall and lifting of the bait due to the flexibility of the fluorocarbon fishing line from which this leash is best made. In addition, this fluorocarbon to some extent does not allow the pike to bite off the bait, and the pike's grip is just as likely as the perch.

How to make a leash

The equipment, as already mentioned, is very simple. Instead of a spinner or a jig-head, a load of any convenient shape and weight is placed at the end of the braid or monofilament. As on a regular donka above the sinker, a meter-long leash of fluorocarbon is tied to a loop. The distance from the load to the leash is about 20 cm. The edible rubber baits designed for perch are usually small, so you should not set the offset hook. Normal hooks up to the sixth number are suitable. The spinning system is preferable - fast. Tweaking is also quite appropriate here. And in combination with jerking wiring, the game of the bypass leash can be very attractive to the prickly predator.

Effective Lure Leads

One of the effective baits from edible rubber can be called the so-called "cancer". At least, the bait looks very much like this bottom arthropod. And here there will no longer be blunders like with silicone, where after an unsuccessful attack the perch just goes aside, deciding to attack again only after some time. The predator will attack the bait, which has taste and smell, again and again, until it sits on a hook. Edible silicone is more like bait. In the aforementioned “cancer” two active elements were very successfully used, imitating something like tails, but in the game they were very reminiscent of ordinary twisters. These tails during wiring play very well and provoke the red-feathered predator to attack.

Sometimes successfully applied baits such as Hogi Shrimp, also made of edible rubber. These are not active lures. They hesitate and, as if sorting with legs, only some elements, also reminiscent of the limbs of cancer or some exotic shrimp.

Why a diverting lead is so effective "> A diverting lead is gaining more and more fans among anglers.