In winter, on a summer lantern

One interesting way.

About two or three years ago, somewhere in March, on one of the rivers of the Moscow Region, I watched as lovers of fishing for pike from the ice, successfully caught it on summer girders. It was interesting that the ventilator did not sink into the hole (under the ice), as I had previously done, but hung directly above the hole. Even to an ignorant person in fishing it is quite obvious that it’s easier (more convenient) to notice a bite on such a zergel than to lower it under water and come up with additional means designed to alert the fisherman when the pike is caught. I’ll write about a little trick that fishermen use when fishing in this way, and now about some limitations when the summer flyer is unacceptable in winter:

1. Strong frosts (the cord just freezes into ice)

2. Strong wind (here you can still argue, it’s quite possible to somehow somehow manage to expose such a girly that the wind will not be an obstacle)

3. The lack of a homemade small drill with a narrow auger for drilling holes in ice, for a fixing pole. Such a drill, if desired, can be made from a conventional screwdriver or drill.

So that day the weather was calm: light wind, sun, frost -2-3. Grace. Perch pecked perfectly, so the zharniki decided to hunt for pike on striped live bait. Having talked with the guys, I noticed that the fishermen are wrapping a piece of a red rag with a paperclip and scotch tape, a bite signaling device. When biting, the pike pulls the cord from the flyer, the rag drowns, which makes it clear that the fish grabbed the live bait. The idea is wonderful - because it is so simple and effective. Such a simple refinement (or trick), but how many emotions. This season, while frost allowed me to catch such a tackle, for the sake of interest, I put such zergolits. Unfortunately, I did not catch a pike, but I received pleasure from the process; Summer girls with red flags look beautiful on the ice. By the way, what I liked the most: ordinary winter lanterns sometimes give false positives, but the design of the summer lantern allows you to adjust the mechanism for fixing the cord as much as a fisherman needs. So, in the coming spring, try the gear and, All the best to you.

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