Edible rubber

Winter perch fishing is usually represented as fishing with a traditional yellow eye-like mormyshka. These brass mormyshki, polished to a golden sheen, have been used by several generations of fishermen as the main bait for catching perch from ice. In addition, yellow perch spinners were also widely used along with mormyshka. And with the recent abundance of fish, such a modest set of lures was quite enough for successful fishing.

Modern fish has become more spoiled and moody. And for her fishing began to come up with increasingly sophisticated bait that mimic living fish. But not only. In recent years, fantastic lures have appeared that are not like any living creature living on the earth and in water. These little rubber lures can be compared in appearance to some kind of monster from the Hollywood horror.

Meanwhile, the perch very positively reacts to these strange crayfish or shrimp, united into one creature, which manages to move several silicone tentacles, a tail and some claws at once. And the perch does not bother the face of this entity. The main thing is very actively stirring and smelling, amazingly smelling of some shrimp or crayfish. And now, having missed, the perch does not go away, guarded by an obvious fake, but continues to attack the bait made of edible rubber. This is after an attack on a regular silicone bait, the perch will not immediately return and decide to attack it or no longer make attempts to grab the inedible silicone.

Hogy hog

The baits of the well-known company Lucky John from edible rubber and strange at first glance are often used on open water, and now on ice. One of the most famous lures is the Hogy Hog . Their positive feature is the ability to arouse interest in a perch in a bad bite, when a predator refuses traditional spinners, reelless reels, and only small "sailors" peck on a mormyshka with a bloodworm. Hogs Hog from edible rubber in such situations is both a bait, and a rather large bait that too small perches do not dare to attack. A lot of active elements of the bait, stirring under the pressure of water, cause a special excitement in a perch, which, along with the smell of food, doubles its activity.

The bait of Hogy Hog has a persistent odor that is not lost in water as fast as dips and flavors. This is due to the fact that edible silicone, smelling of crayfish, shrimp and other similar living creatures, is 60% the material from which the bait is made, and the coating of fragrant oil serves only for the initial effect, to attract fish to the hole. Then the odorous structure of the material of the Hogy Hog bait is included in the process, which attracts the predator with a smell until the end of fishing and can still serve on the next fishing trip.

Hogi Hog for perch

Hogy Hog is intended not only for perch, but also for catching pike, zander and even trout. Therefore, baits differ in size, where the unit of measurement is an inch. Perch Hogs Hogs are usually 1.2 inches (3cm) in size; for larger predators, 1.6 inches (4cm) baits are used. These baits are also distinguished by a variety of colors, where 10 shades and colorings predominate. Among them stand out colors, which are called acidic and aggressive. Usually it is red and green color of poisonous shades. Such baits work well on an active perch in a good bite.

The following colors, muted in brightness and with the addition of purple, blue and other palettes, are used to catch a somewhat languid and well-fed perch. In addition, it happens that the most productive bait ceases to work even in a good bite due to the fact that the predator’s gaze is said to be “blurred”. Perch gets used to the same bait and stops responding to it. The appearance of another lure in his field of vision often revives the nibble to its previous intensity. And this became the reason for the appearance of special tactics, where bright baits attract perch to the hole, and then baits of darker colors come into play.

Hogy Hog Fishing Technique

The technique of fishing on baits Hogi Hog differs from fishing on mormyshki and spinners. There are more similarities with catching roach on mormyshka with a nozzle (we wrote about it here). Rapid movements of mormyshka are not required. With the most smooth fluctuations, the numerous legs and tentacles of the bait begin to move actively. Mormyshki put yellow or neutral in color. The main thing is that the hook is large enough to push the Hogy Hog bait.