Features of perch baits in winter

In the article I will tell you about what bait fishermen prefer to catch perch in winter. What are their features and how to catch them ... Interesting and informative!

The most active or, as they say, aggressive baits are horizontal spinners - balancers . They make their fast and wide game along a horizontal winding line, which distinguishes these baits from winter vertical spinners moving in a skinny water along a vertical line - bottom-hole. In addition, this movement on returning to the initial starting position can be very noticeable for a predator from a long distance, because the bait goes quite far to the side and makes zigzags in the form of an almost completed “eight” or arc on the way back. Such movements, in addition to the visual detection of the bait by a flock of perches, also create fluctuations that also attract a predator even in muddy water or at great depths, where there is poor visibility under the ice.

Midsummer Bait

Most often in mid-winter, medium and small baits are used . These balancers three to five centimeters in size can be called the most universal. Small perches and quite weighty perch humpbacks peck on them. Well, b alansirs with a length of 7 centimeters are the object of attack more often than large perches. But at the beginning of the ice period, these rather large baits can attract both okushki and their larger counterparts.

In the first forest

In the early spring, predators are more active than ever and eagerly grab everything that looks like a small fish, it is better if sick or wounded, since it is much easier to catch it. And the balancers with their wide and swathing game are very similar to such fish. Under clear ice, you can see how a good balancer rises away from the axis of the hole after a vid with a fishing rod, and then returns to its original position, wobbling and diving briskly, as if the fish had just been attacked by another predator and is now trying to escape.

Vertical spinners

Various vertical spinners are even more popular with winter-anglers, starting from planning tricks and narrow “nails” and winter wobblers, ending with heavy bottom spinners. Usually with vertical spinners and begin ice fishing perch. This is the most widely used bait. But here there are some tricks, where fishing on balancers and spinners is very successfully combined.

The tactic of such fishing is that a flock of perches is attracted by the wide balance of the game, which, with its hectic movements and long horizontal swims, is more noticeable for a predator than a vertical spinner. When a flock of curious "sailors" gather at the hole, then you can put in motion and spinner. She is much faster at catching. What does this mean ">

Secondly, it is much faster to remove prey from a hook or tee than from all three hooks or tees of a balancer. All these points accelerate the process of winter fishing. And this is important to keep a hunting flock from the hole. Of course, sometimes you can successfully catch only on one or the other bait, without further ado, but modern fish is becoming more “smarter”. Fishermen also have to contrive ...

Mormyshki for perch

Well, it's time to stop at the most popular bait of winter fishermen - mormyshki . All anglers certainly have it in unimaginable quantities and species, starting from some kind of "pellet", "ant", "sheepskin" and ending with terrifying monsters - "goats" and "devils . "

It would seem that this strange fantastic creature, unlike anything in the underwater world, can attract fish, but, nevertheless, winter fishing enthusiasts often catch small fishing mumps with mormyshki with a mormyshka on whose hook a bloodworm, maggot or black-larva larva . The non-robbers shake their mormyshka with such speed that they cannot withstand the most phlegmatic perch sleeping sleepily at the driftwood. The frequent amplitude of such a game is created by lightweight fishing rods weighing grams, as well as by the vertical way of positioning the fishing rod to the hole. In addition, a hard nod does not hesitate, but helps a high-frequency game.

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