Fishing etiquette

Each fisherman has his own principles, his own approach and attitude to fishing. Somehow I came across some summary review of the rules of behavior of the fisherman, which totaled several dozen points that characterize the fisherman in one way or another, prescribe their own aspects of behavior. I agreed with something; I am ready to speculate on some points. But in order not to go into the comments of other authors, now I want to voice some of my principles, which I try to adhere to when fishing.

- Most importantly, it should be understood that we are all people, and having met a person on a pond, throwing aside a hobby, and the attitude should be like a person. Human attitude is the foundation that gives rise to everything else.

- The next rule is to keep clean in the pond. And it’s not just about cleaning up the trash, not breaking trees, etc., but even about the possibility of cleaning up the trash for other people when it seems possible.

- If I go to a pond and see that my place is already taken by someone, then I try not to disturb a person from fishing, I move a considerable distance (at least 30-40 meters). There are times when the fishermen themselves take the initiative to go fishing nearby, but that's another story.

- In winter fishing, many fishermen are aware of the “bazaars” when someone notices a lone fisherman who begins to haul around and slowly spud him. The result of this behavior can be a picture when several dozens of people gather in a limited area, often the biting stops after that. In winter, several ready-made holes can be found next to the fisherman, and before catching from them, ask permission, since a person could make several holes for himself at once, and then periodically catches them. Before doing this, ask yourself: “Would it be nice for me personally if fishing enthusiasts“ surrounded me in this way? ” It seems to me that no ...

- You should not go loudly to the reservoir, perhaps somewhere nearby they are already fishing, and your loud behavior will be perceived with a negative. Sometimes I observed similar behavior, as some fishermen, following their place, behaved so that their conversations were heard for a hundred meters. Pleasant not enough.

- My next principle : while fishing, no alcohol (it doesn’t always work out, but we must try ..).

- For a long time I have been trying to release the caught fish if the damage is insignificant, or I take it in exactly the same amount so that I can prepare the dish. The rest of the catch, it is better to let go, now is not the time when fishing is a means of survival. Naturally, if the "fry" are caught, and they are sent back to grow. This is especially true for squint, small zander, which almost always peck well, and many nedorybach put them in the cage. Believe me, it depends on each of us whether there will be fish in the pond. Let her grow up. This also includes compliance with the rules of amateur fishing, a ban on the use of certain gear during spawning, etc. Do not be lazy, study this documentation.

- If you are fishing with someone nearby and are going to throw a bait, it is advisable to inform your neighbor. Often, people don't mind. But if all this is done secretly, the attitude towards you may not change for the better.

- A separate topic is lovers of boat fishing and their conflict with other fishermen. If you are fishing from a boat, then launch the latter into the water in a distance from lovers of coastal fishing, you are not alone in the pond.

- You need to treat the reservoir, the surrounding nature with love, protect it. Often in the coastal zone you can see empty bottles, cans of worms, etc. Remember, all your garbage must be removed from the reservoir - this is behavior worthy of respect.

In general, it should be understood that fishing is a person’s ability to retire somewhat. Therefore, without unnecessary necessity one should not violate someone’s space, it needs to be felt.

As you understand, this is just the minimum that I adhere to, I repeat, the main thing, in my opinion, is to remain human.

Good luck fishing.