Catching pike and perch at the same time

Minor refinement of tackle for pike and perch

I love to catch spinning. And this is due not only to the fact that I prefer to fish for predatory fish, but also to the fact that spinning fishing involves constant movement, the picture (environment) is changing, there is the opportunity to fully distract from everyday work and feel like a pioneer.

During my exits with a spinning rod on the pike, I noticed that quite often the perches accompany the spinner or silicone. Moreover, quite valid specimens accompany the bait almost to the shore. Sometimes, bites happen, but more often okushata swim to the shore and, with a tail wagging, go back to the abyss. And so, I wondered what I would come up with so that when catching pikes, if there is a bite, I would be able to catch them.

For quite a long time I used a tackle that normally caught perch, but at the same time the perch bait was often confused with the main bait, as the perch bait was tied on a leash from 30-40 centimeters long to the back of the bait (wobbler, jig bait). As I said, such a combination works quite well, but it is often confused, which naturally makes you think about the appropriateness of using it.

After a little thought, I decided to change the design a bit and simply tied a hook with a long forearm to the main fishing line, but before the bait, at a distance of no more than 40 centimeters from the bait. In this case, you must try to tie the hook so that it is as close as possible to 90 degrees with respect to the fishing line. On this hook you can put twister, vibrotail, red wool threads, worm, maggot, etc.

I want to note that such a combination of the main bait and the hook shows good expected results. Perch bites regularly, there is practically no tangling. In addition to perch, a large roach often sits on a hook, so if you fish on a pike, it will not be superfluous to install a hook on a fishing line, as this nuance will increase your chances of catching. All the best to you.

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