Roach in spring

Spring is the most fertile time for catching large roach on small rivers. Even the smallest rivulet, almost a stream, can become a place where the bites of red-eyed beauties with a pound and a half in weight and are not episodic, but massive. The quivertypes of feeders, various donks and bells of the most primitive snacks can flutter and ring from the sharp bites of spring roach, which lifts all these rivers and streams to the upper reaches. But suddenly her nibble abruptly subsided and the fishing festival ended. And - absolutely. You can then watch the roach days and nights, sitting at your various donkeys, but the result of this duty, at best, can be a roach with a palm or ruff. Sometimes you get a random perch, chub or roach. But this is no longer fishing.

What is the reason for this contrast between the just-made bacchanalia, when it seemed that the river was simply overflowing with fish, and the sharp absence of bite?

Here it already seems that there never was fish in this river, only frogs croaked and water rats were busy in the sedge thicket. And the river is really empty. She is small and all its inhabitants - perches, roaches and pike. And in ice water they still do not want to eat at all. Closer to summer, the river will be covered in circles from a fattening hot melt, in sedge except muskrats, no, no, and some kind of strong fish will burst out, hit the tail of a pike. It woke up local fish.

The thing is that flocks of medium and large roaches, really numerous, gather in the lower reaches of these rivers, as if waiting for some kind of signal. And this signal in roach is the beginning of steady heat . Namely - stable, when light clouds fly on warm winds, young leaves on birches begin to blossom, the first dust flies. Usually in the "normal" spring, this happens somewhere in late April and often falls on May Day holidays. But often in mid-April it becomes almost hot. And although snow still often lies in the coastal lowlands, the roach begins to move and rises to the upper reaches. She has already received a signal - it's time!

It was then that the same legendary fishing of roaches begins on its spring rise, which is simply called the roach course. Real fishermen often wait weeks for this move, taking holidays and settling on the banks of such rivers, which are often tributaries of the Volga. Someone is lucky to wait for the roach, and someone has to wait home after a week of waiting in vain. But even after waiting for the fish to reach the upper reaches, you cannot guarantee that you will experience the beauty and excitement of roach fishing and will return with a good catch. It happens that the place you chose was catchy yesterday, and today there is almost no fish here. She climbed higher. Here, of course, mobile communications can play a role. If your acquaintances and friends are higher up the river and catch roach, then you can inquire about the bite. And if you are not a lazy person and your transport is standing in a clearing by the river, then you can quickly “ride a horse” and rush after a fleeing fish.

There is another aspect that can interfere with such an unpredictable and beautiful spring fishing for roach - this is the weather . Here you are on the river and the fish seems to be starting to go. Biting her, no, no, and shake the tip of the feeder, make the bell ring. And suddenly - everything ... How cut off. And it’s clear why such a stop. The fisherman did not understand yet, but the fish already understood and stopped. And literally on the same day an icy gloom will come from somewhere: a north wind will blow, or even worse - a north-west wind, first torn clouds will crawl, and then the sky will be covered with a gray cotton shroud, from which light rain will fall. And this is a good case. And then a real blizzard with snow charges will fly up. For April, such weather is not uncommon. And even in May, fine snow will fall.

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