Jig turntables

We are used to catching with traditional turntables - probably the most popular artificial baits for catching predators of various types and sizes. And here there is, and there can be no different opinions about their effectiveness, if this, of course, is not the most stupid Chinese fake made somewhere in the basement. Branded rotating baits that do not suffer from a sticky petal, which is often the case with copies, catch almost all predators in various fishing conditions. Large and small pike, perch the size of a palm and an elbow long, pike perch, bersh, ide, chub, trout, rudd, and finally will not abandon the pinwheel. Moreover, the rudd of completely different conditions comes to the turntables, when compared with the extraction of floaters, in which rudd weighing 300 grams is considered a rather large specimen. Spinning spinners have prey for poppers and spinners in fish per kilogram or more.

Traditional spinning spinners can most likely be attributed to successful fishing lures in the summer, when predators are kept at a relatively shallow depth. These baits work especially effectively in the summer heat, when fishing often becomes night or occurs at an early dawn. Then you can successfully catch pike perch on sandbanks, scythes, on pit edges along the rifts and exits from the pits. At this time, both narrow and light vibrating spinners and turntables of light colors are effectively used. Rotating spinners often more successfully catch zander and other predators under the steep banks from which branches of trees hang. Sometimes in night conditions the so-called tandems work especially effectively - rotating spinners with two petals, where one is larger. Such turntables create more powerful high-frequency oscillations, which in the conditions of night time is a positive factor for finding a bait by a predator. Especially actively reacts to such high-frequency oscillations of pike perch.

But it turns out that spinners are designed for fishing at a relatively shallow depth. Not every turntable is “forced” to go through the front door at a depth of about three meters. Only quite massive baits of the Long and Aglia type are capable of such passages at the bottom within five meters. And how then to catch zander on spinning spinners "> Alexander Tokarev and fishx.org

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