It's time to check whether it takes burbot or not

In search of a burbot. Report on the first, this fall, burbot fishing. The first frost and a new place. Zakidushki with a worm and a spider. I didn’t stay without a catch, although

October. Gray dreary days ended with drizzling rains and winds beating through the windows. No ... About sadness - not quite right. It is not for nothing that Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin wrote in a special way about a dull season, in which there is its own charm. Obviously, the rustle of a long rain on the roof and gray swollen clouds cause not only longing, but also some kind of sweet and quiet peace. It seems that the world consists only of the sound of droplets on the roof and the wet breath of autumn, when it smells strongly of freshness and fallen leaves.

It's like that. It is on such days and evenings that I want to sit at the table, dip a quill pen in the inkwell ... Oh, there were times. Now you sit down at a computer table and open not a notebook with handwritten lines, but a Microsoft Word page and write in strict letters that seem lifeless. Convenient, of course. But earlier it was possible to lie down on a sofa with a notebook and, contemplating the ceiling and trees bending outside the window, find images and plots, sometimes falling asleep during this occupation. Then the demand was for literary images captured in manuscript lines and typewriter texts. Now in prose, easily typed and copied on a computer, one can say stagnation, as with a myriad of modern fishing tackle, which are less often pecked by fish. It just got smaller.

It's time to check whether it takes burbot or not

But let's not talk about the bad. So, October, and in fact, is already the middle of this autumn month. Is it time to check whether it takes burbot or not? I decide to open the autumn burbot fishing season near the house, from the second floor of which you can see the forest on the river bank. This is the closest option. But the experience of last fall showed that, at least in the lower reaches, and fishing occurred at the former pioneer camp, there was no burbot at all. He wasted around the campfire, waiting for the bell to ring, he left his castings for more than one night - everything was in vain. There was not a single grasp of a night predator. At the same time, quite weighty fishes came across in the same places in spring. From this it could be concluded that this section of the river is in some way transitory for burbot rising for spawning (who do not know, burbot spawning in winter, read here). Already eight or ten kilometers above this place, near the village of Comino, the burbot came across in the fall, and large, if there was live bait on the hook, especially a ruff . Therefore, I decide to devote the beginning of the season to places that are located upstream from my shore, where I usually catch shrovetide and scavengers on the feeder in summer, where the carp sometimes breaks gear. Moreover, as if he knows, big-breasted, what gear to take. After the first breaks of the leashes during the characteristic bites of a large carp, tackles were specially prepared for him, a common and crafty carp. But he didn’t take this type on these tackles, although Bonduelle corn kernels, cubes of young boiled potatoes, excellent worms, barley, semolina were planted on hooks. No, this mustachioed rogue grabbed one maggot on a hook designed to catch live bait, and smashed tackles.

Now I’m traveling further through the meadows, probably five to seven kilometers above my shore. In the tall old willows I find an excellent, in my opinion, a place where you can throw gear. This time I'm not going to spend the night by the river. There is a usual reconnaissance, verification of a new place and the presence of a burbot here.

I liked the new place. The river, of course, is very narrow here, but I remember that in the spring, when my son opened the season, they caught a good ear and fry for half an hour, and chubs and ides of good condition for such a small river came across the feeder. But roaches and perches of medium size pecked cheerfully and often. It was a little upstream. Therefore, there is hope that burbot is found here.

I have bait today - earthworms and tyulka. I attach one tyulka to some hooks, two to three fish each, and worm sandwiches and kilka to other hooks. Last fall, this bait brought good burbots, though not here, but below the city dam. Places there are fish, although the city, but it is very crowded. It is not interesting to catch. And it’s dangerous to leave tackle, different people walk along the shore.

I threw eight snacks. Some are in the middle of the river, behind a tree lying in the water, while others are in a narrower channel of the river during and at the beginning of the rolling. Check so check.

In the morning I was going through the meadows, gray-haired from hoarfrost. At night the frost hit up to five or seven degrees, no less. But the river brought a little prey in the form of one burbot, some thin, sluggish, apparently lagging behind the pack. Tomorrow I'll go to the dam. Report for me if there is a result.

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